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Fabulous Friday: Cafetera Ring

The Cafetera ring


A perfect gift for the person who can’t get enough coffee. Works too for those of us who like jewelry that’s sure to be a topic of conversation. It’s the two inch tall sterling silver ring that’s a “cafetera”. Yes, you got it right – it’s styled like a Cuban coffee machine, complete with a lid that you can raise, created by Santayana Jewelry. Read Full Post & Comments »

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Exciting New Fashion Designers

One of a kind design by Claudia Gontovnik


Thanks to a new friend I met at my recent reader event – Chuky – I got plugged into new local fashion designers Miami and came up with some great discoveries. Must admit, I also did some damage to the pocketbook, an “occupational hazard” of being a blogger. The finds – three Latin American designers — are in the emerging Little River area which is a growing hub for creatives and art galleries. Read Full Post & Comments »

Karen’s Kudos March

More events not to miss this weekend, a top of the line knife sharpening service, free art tour, update on shops at Dadeland including a leading Italian lingerie brand, and more in Karen’s Kudos for March.

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Roses et Pivoines


Roses et Pivoines is not your ordinary upscale florist. But then, wouldn’t you expect a special floral shop in the Miami Design District? Edi Soledad, the owner and creative director comes from a fashion background in London and it shows. I bought several white tinged with green hydrangeas which he wrapped in thick black paper, tied with a black ribbon, and attached a black card with the word “enjoy” in gold ink. As I walked around the District with my bouquet, an affordable luxury at $9, people stopped me to ask where I got them. Then there are his over the top floral arranging classes. Perfect for gifts – or for self gifting – for Valentine’s Day or anytime. And for another indulgence, while in the Design District, check out new ice cream and sweet shop, MadLab Creamery by Soraya Kilgore (yes, the wife of Alter chef Bradley). Read Full Post & Comments »

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Antidote: Slow Fashion Chic

Mix and match handbags by Eli Grita


Miami is woefully lacking in European fashion boutiques or those with a European fashion sensibility. I’m not talking about the now ubiquitous global luxury brands. But the individually owned, one of a kind, upscale boutiques you find in places like the St.Germain area of Paris, Barrio Salamanca in Madrid, and Brera in Milan ( not the four figure pricey kind). So it was with great pleasure I came across Antidote one of the newest of Wynwood shops,  which features multiple designers  with a point of view. Everything has to be eco conscious and ethically made, and the designers passionate about artisanal practices. She calls it slow fashion chic and I’d add with a serious element of  cool. Read Full Post & Comments »

Karen’s Kudos August



Yours truly wearing the Mua Mua doll inspired by Coco Chanel. Note the strand of pearls and Chanel type jacket.


You’ll love a special find from Miami Swim Week, designed in Italy and made in Bali (not swimwear). Then there’s money saving wine news, and sure fire beauty products that are tested and proven by yours truly, a beauty product skeptic, in this month’s Karen’s Kudos. Read Full Post & Comments »

New Latin American Boutiques – Part 2

Agua Bendita


More Latin American designers are coming to Miami, especially from Colombia and Venezuela. The ones here are established in their home countries and are branching out to the USA with a first stop Miami. Last week  I wrote about Seta Apparel in Part 1. Today there are two more worth putting on your list to have a look, and the good thing is they’re within a few minutes from one another in City Place, Doral. In other related news, there’s a terrific new website, that features designers from all over Latin America, with Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico most heavily represented. Finally, Filomena Fernandez in Coral Gables has launched a new program of trunk shows of Venezuelan designers, one per week, with part of the proceeds going to an in country charity. Check out the eye candy and find out at the end about great deals at a leading Coral Gables boutique that’s going out of business. Read Full Post & Comments »

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New Latin American Boutiques

Seta Apparel shines with their military jackets, shades of Michael and Janet Jackson and the 80’s


I don’t find much exciting these days in fashion and Miami fashion boutiques, except maybe in workout clothes, beachwear and accessories. And then there are the price points – either very pricey as in day dresses the price of an overseas vacation, or fast fashion that’s cheap, and generally looks cheap (in my vocabulary fashion is “cheapie” as in looks cheap or looks expensive and isn’t, my ultimate accolade). Fortunately this is changing because of the young, new Latin American designers coming on the scene in Miami who are opening up boutiques  (and selling online). Here are some great new finds to put on your list in a two part series. Read Full Post & Comments »

Miami Museum Shops


Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center Gift Shop



By Jennifer Agress


Everyone knows Miami has good shopping. But did you know there are good museum shops? For eclectic gifts designed to inspire, turn your shopping day into a museum one—and head to one of these six carefully curated gift shops below. Read Full Post & Comments »

Things to Do Miami This Summer – 2018



By Josie Gulliksen and Yours Truly


Looking for new things to do this summer, especially when it rains? Look no further than the activities we have listed below. Try one, you’re in for a treat. Read Full Post & Comments »

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