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Russia Surprises

From lilacs and tulips to iris and narcissus, spring flowers were everywhere in Moscow and St. Petersburg


What will World Cup visitors to Moscow find? All I can say is nothing prepared me for the Russia I saw on my recent trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg with New York Times Journeys in coordination with Abercrombie & Kent, one of a terrific series of educational trips led by a bureau chief, editor or contributor to the Times joined by guest lecturers.In this blogpost I’ve chosen not to describe many of the tourist sights – you can find that in any guidebook or travel article. Here are Russia travel surprises, revelations and curious observations I thought you’d enjoy reading about (even if you’ve been there before), with images of course. Read Full Post & Comments »

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Bucket List: Azerbaijan

The Old City and in the distance the futuristic three Flaming Towers


Azerbaijan, little known even to the well traveled, conjures up images of the exotic, perhaps a little “wild and wooly” and as only being for the intrepid traveler.  What’s it like? Images tell it all along with some fascinating facts about Azerbaijan travel. Read Full Post & Comments »

Staycation FL Keys, What’s New


Bungalows Key Largo, Keys’ first all inclusive resort


It’s a great time of year to go on a Staycation to the Florida Keys – much less traffic, off season hotel rates, and no problem getting a reservation at choice spots. This year it’s even better with everything from new hotels Key West including a luxury all inclusive, the Keys’ first; more excursions and attractions by land and sea; and places to grab a beer or mojito and enjoy the sunsets. And get this, a new Hemingway Literary Day Trip to Havana from Key West International Airport. Here’s the scoop: Read Full Post & Comments »

Healthy Travel Snacks


Amazing apple muffins


We’ve gone beyond dreadful airline food to no food served onboard in economy class. Maybe that’s a good thing. So we’re forced to BYO, unless we want to find ourselves famished and having to deal with the double no no of buying overpriced snacks that are usually high cal and low on nutrition. What to do? I asked leading travel bloggers their secrets about healthy travel snacks. Here are the findings which I plan to put in practice (better than my lone apple). And one writer even shares her recipe for the absolutely delicious sounding Amazing Apple Muffins pictured here. Read Full Post & Comments »

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Travel Tuesday: Puglia


Spaghetti with tomatoes from Vesuvius at Machiavelli restaurant, Pompeii


First came the American travelers In their private jets, then frequent travelers to Italy who have done Tuscany, Venice, Rome and Florence. Apulia (or Puglia in Modern Italian) is getting discovered, but has still escaped the crowds and high prices, and maintains its authenticity and sense of place, and it’s a gem. It was here we recently traveled after Ethiopia (Ethiopian Airways has nonstop service from Addis Ababa to Rome). As with my earlier travel Fabulous Friday, rather than a travel article, I’m going to tell you about fascinating facts about the region relating to Italian history and customs, and show you culinary eye candy. Sit back, relax, and enjoy: Read Full Post & Comments »

Fabulous Friday: Ethiopia

One of 11 rock hewn churches from the 13th century in Lalibela, one of the 8 wonders of the world


A travel destination to put on your bucket list is Ethiopia, that is if your tastes run to places that are distinctive, authentic, and rich civilizations with centuries old history with their own culture, food, music and dance. After a little over a week there, I’d put it in a category with India, Mexico, Egypt and China – my favorites for exotic travel. Can’t make it to Ethiopia? Just read there’s an Ethiopian restaurant in Miami Gardens, Awash. Read Full Post & Comments »

Wellness Travel with Miami’s Own Food Stars

Grand Velas Los Cabos



Need to de-stress? Want to get in shape for “the season” or just learn new tools for delicious, and healthy eating and lifestyle? Miami’s own food stars , Robyn Webb, culinary instructor at the Wellness Center of the University of Miami and Wok Star Eleanor Hoh will work their culinary magic and teach new skills at upcoming wellness weeks at Grand Velas Resorts luxury all inclusive resorts  in the Riviera Nayarit and Los Cabos along with Rebecca-Louise, an international fitness personality and adventure traveler . And how about this – wellness seminars, fitness sessions, juice therapy, spa, therapeutic concerts, personal trainer, and a two star Michelin chef from Amsterdam .Guests can opt to stay in one of the resorts wellness suites designed to renew one’s body and mind in every way possible with everything from complimentary massage and special amenities. The Wellness travel getaways will be held from October 4-7 at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit and November 22 – 26 at Grand Velas Los Cabos. Plus, I’m offering readers a 25% discount! Read Full Post & Comments »

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Oh So Useful Flight Essentials

4-in-1 color coded adapter


With travel the hassle that it is these days, I’m always on the lookout for products that make the whole process easier, more comfortable and stress free. Here some terrific travel and flight essentials I heard about from Travel + Leisure and plan to get: Read Full Post & Comments »

MC Reader Travels: Special Offer to Italy

Palio di Siena


Been thinking of going to Italy this year? Luxo Italia, a Milan-based high end boutique tour operator that specializes in custom experiences to Italy and Monaco (and my newest client) is offering MiamiCurated readers special offers on all their trips. Think special access, exclusive experiences, and itineraries to pursue your passions — be they art and culture, gastronomy, fashion, soft adventure, wine and/or wellness. One special event that makes for life long memories is coming up this summer, the Palio di Siena in Tuscany. Read Full Post & Comments »

MC Travels: A Foodie’s Austria

White asparagus soup with dumpling and salmon, totally sublime from Gasthaus Stainzerbauer, Graz


Austria isn’t especially known as a foodie destination, except possibly for the pastries and its being home of the chocolate Sacher torte named for the Viennese hotel. So when I had the chance to do a foodie’s tour of Austria, I welcomed the chance to confirm or debunk a myth. From the capital city of Vienna to Graz, the Alpine towns of Gastein and Salzburg, I did some serious research. The findings? Wait until you see the photos! Read Full Post & Comments »

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