Top Lunch Deals under $26: Miami Beach

Cecconi’s Miami Beach


My last post on top lunch deals under $26 focused on the Brickell area. Now here are three not-to-be-missed  Miami Beach weekday lunch specials with one, Cecconi’s a major deal. In general, lunch is an ideal time to go to these and other top restaurants on the Beach as there are no crowds, so you can expect better service. Read Full Post & Comments »

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“Du Jardin a La Table” Brunch March 8

Looking for something different and special to do with family, friends and as a solo? On March 8 over 20 celebrity restaurants, caterers, pastry artists and celebrity chefs will offer up their specialites along with cooking demos and an exciting raffle in a Tropical Brunch in the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. And no one will be thirsty thanks to four wine tables and a Mimosa and Bloody Mary bar. Sponsored by culinary society Les Dames d’Escoffier Miami, the “Du Jardin a La Table”  brunch is sure to be worthy of “foodies”. Plus, there’s complimentary valet parking. Read Full Post & Comments »

CIBO Wine Bar South Beach

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South of Fifth (SoFi) in South Beach is becoming quite the dining destination and not just because of hot spots Joe’s Stone Crab and “The Primes” (112, Italian and Fish).  There are other top spots as you probably know – Red the Steakhouse, Milos, Cavalli, Il Mulino, but most are high end and pricey for frequent dining.  Now there’s a newcomer, Cibo Wine Bar South Beach, that will likely become the spot for regular dining for residents of  the multi-million dollar condos in the neighborhood who don’t want to cook. Read Full Post & Comments »

Z Gallerie for a Dose of Glamour

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A dose of “glam” in the bedroom, bath or even dining table is such fun isn’t it? And even better if it doesn’t break the bank. We’re talking about everything from glass Art Deco perfume bottles and enameled picture frames in luscious colors to decorative candles and everything for the well dressed table. That’s why a new favorite shop is Z Gallerie with stores in The Shops at Sunset Place, 5701 Sunset Drive, and The Village at Gulfstream Park. And for higher end, check out Thread Count in the Design District. Read Full Post & Comments »

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Fabulous Friday: A “Smart” Rubber Duckie

Just about everyone loves a rubber duckie don’t they? Wait until you hear about this one that does a lot more than quack. Read Full Post & Comments »

Peter Marino at Bass Museum

Robert Mapplethorpe Room


Take a very sophisticated installation by Jerome Sans, co-founder and former director of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and former creative director and editor in chief of L’Officiel Art. Put it together with 140 works of contemporary art from the collection of Peter Marino, architect for luxury brands from Chanel to Zegna as well as a who’s who of the world’s elite. Voila, the current exhibit, “One Way: Peter Marino” at the Bass Museum of Art. Read Full Post & Comments »


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Mexican street food is the concept behind the new COYO Taco in Wynwood. The main event are the tacos and margaritas and are they ever good. Seriously. Scott Linquist , executive chef and partner knows his food. Not only has he led other chefs across Mexico and run leading Mexican restaurants across the USA including Arizona 206 in New York and the Dos Caminos group, but he wrote “Mod Mex” about contemporary takes on the south of the border cuisine. Read Full Post & Comments »

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Corny and Rye Humor at Matador Room

Tennessee Mule


Guest blogpost by Steve Deitsch

Corn, it turns out, is one of the main ingredients that goes into making a good bottle of whiskey (or whisky, as they spell it) over at George Dickel, the venerated Tennessee Whisky maker.
84% corn, in fact.  The rest is made up of rye and barley.

MiamiCurated was at the Matador Room at the new Edition Hotel bar the other night and had a chance to try several new cocktails handcrafted by their master mixologist. Read Full Post & Comments »

Fabulous Friday – Pastry Bites

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Heaven knows this writer loves doughnuts, bombolini, beignets, churros, any facsimile as you know by now. Buttercream cupcakes and traditional American layer cakes are a close second and third. But now there’s a new dessert vying for top honors thanks to Mari Angeles Rubio of Casa Gioia . Read Full Post & Comments »

Fifty Shades of Grey Review

Mr.Grey’s office


The reviews for Fifty Shades of Grey haven’t been good, and a cinephile friend told me not to waste my time going. But I had read part of the book and was curious, so off I went to the Regal South Beach with a woman friend to check it out. Though we both had different points of view about many aspects of the film, we agreed on three things (the third comes later): it wasn’t boring, and we were glad we went.

In case you’re not familiar with the story line, it’s about what Wikipedia calls an “erotic romance” drama based on British author E.L.James’ bestselling novel of the same name. The film stars Dakota Johnson as the innocent Anastasia Steele, a college graduate who begins a sadomasochistic relationship with young business magnate Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). Parenthetically, after the book came out police departments across the country were getting calls to 911 asking for help in removing handcuffs in “delicate” situations.

Some could question whether it’s erotic and others whether it’s romantic, and therein lies one of the large areas for disagreement and discussion. If you do go, be sure to have time after the movie to talk about it because that’s the most interesting part of the experience (we had lunch afterwards on the terrace at Juvia, enjoying the view and a clear, lovely winter day) . Plus, the ending is vague so leaves a lot of room for conjecture. It’d be intriguing to hear men’s points of view, though it’s basically a “chick flick”.

To me there were small doses of romance, eroticism and sensuality, though my friend found none of that. We did both agree that “Mr.Grey” as he was called was a tormented personality incapable of being loved. It was fascinating to observe the psychology behind the couple’s relationship and see it evolve. I also enjoyed the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” elements (always loved that TV show) – the sumptuous apartment, elegant office with serious artwork, helicopter transport and hang gliding for fun, and Mr. Grey’s impeccably tailored suits.

Is it a great film? No. Was it a little long? Yes. But at the same time, you get the picture – I liked it.

What do you think of it?

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