Food worth the calories (WTC), stylish fashion for women and men with flair,  world-class culture and entertainment in Miami, plus tips on whatever exudes fabulosity. Welcome to my blog!  My training to be picky was cultivated  through a long career in luxury travel and the good fortune to represent and experience many of the finest hotels, cruise lines, and travel destinations in the world. (I share travel and beauty tips as well).

While living in New York City I was one of those quintessential New Yorkers who passionately researches the places to find the best bagel, freshest fish, hottest restaurant for great food and people watching, museum show, fabulous event, you name it. And I’ve taken that approach to Miami.

Curation is also about sensibilities. I want to be able to hear my companion in a restaurant,  no to long lines, want fashion that’s chic and youthful but not over the top, enjoy “glam”, yes to quality and value . And quality doesn’t have to be pricey.

You’ll read about other South Florida highlights and things to do — from must see art shows and entertainment, to weekend getaways and foodie finds. You’ll also be invited to exclusive reader food and fashion events.

And I’m proud to report that the blog continues to move up in rankings in Zomato. Among well over 300 food blogs in South Florida we’re now number 1!

If you want to know more about my approach to blogging, check out Behind the Scenes with Karen, an interview.

Much looking forward to hearing your tips and feedback. And any questions about the best in Miami in any category, and travel too? Click on Ask Karen which you can find at the top of the blog.

Want to read more of my writing? I’m a contributing editor on lifestyle and travel to bilingual luxury lifestyle magazine Luhho.