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A long time subscriber, Helen from Borrowed & Blue online wedding planning resource for Miami weddings wrote that she has had a number of questions ranging from how I decided to blog and my dream day in Miami to the challenges  and rewards of being a blogger. She said others probably had the same questions and asked if I would do a blogpost with the answers. After reading the questions, I thought it’d be a great idea, so here are the answers to questions you too might have been wondering about.


  • Hello, Karen! How did you get into the blogging scene?

I’ve always followed my passions. First it was travel, which led me to a career with my own marketing agency in the travel industry. Then, after a life changing event I decided it was time to pursue my other passions as well – food, fashion and culture. Another part of my personality, I’d go further to say it’s part of my DNA, is a compelling desire to explore, make new discoveries, and learn. With the blog I give the discovery of the special find the ideal outlet because it also works with my enjoyment of writing (I started my career in journalism).

  • What’s the toughest part of being a blogger?

Though as I mentioned, I’m a marketer, the tough part is the constant need for promotion. I liken having a blog to owning a shop. It’s not enough to open your doors to a new shop. You have to let people know it exists, and relying on word of mouth won’t do it. Unless you want to spend a lot on advertising, you need to do social media which is a 24/7 job that is never done. You can get help on both the writing and the promotion, though since a blog is so personal, the person doing the assistance needs to have similar sensibilities and taste level along with the skills, which isn’t easy to find. All this being said, I love blogging.

  • How about the most rewarding part?

It’s the challenge and opportunity to make new discoveries every day, and to meet people doing new and exciting things.


  • As a blog that focuses on food WTC (“worth the calories”), what are some favorites you’ve visited recently?

Some new places at different price points that I’ve particularlly liked (and written up) are Grown, Seaspice, Café des Arts, and Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market.


  • Let’s avail ourselves of a little of your local knowledge: What’s your favorite spot for an after-work cocktail, and what neighborhood is it in?

I wish we had more wonderful bars in Miami as in a dedicated space that’s stylish, comfortable, buzzy and great for people watching. In the USA, the role models in my book are the King Cole Bar at the St Regis in New York and HMF at The Breakers in Palm Beach. That being said, my favorite in Miami is the Bleau Bar at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach for all of the above reasons plus it’s iconic, “So Miami” as the ad slogan goes.


  • Describe your dream day in Miami (best eateries included, please!).

I’d start the day with a long walk on South Beach and a swim, come home and have a café au lait and nutella croissant from Bachour Bakery or a slice of Zak’s bread with French butter. Then it’d be off to check out a fabulous new boutique or museum show that just opened, then meeting up with friends for a late lunch. Lunch could be at the buzzy, prime people watching spot Le Zoo at Bal Harbour Shops followed by window shopping. Afterwards it’d be time to rest a bit, then a massage from Zeel in the comfort of my home. In the evening, there would be drinks at Bleau Bar at The Fontainebleau followed by dinner at Seaspice on the Miami River or Red, the Steakhouse or a party with great friends.


  • Describe something that sets Miami apart from other cities where you’ve lived.

You’re never far here from the palm fringed beach or water, which in itself makes it special. And then there’s the warm sunshine, fun loving sensual vibe, attractive people who enjoy color (as opposed to New York’s preferred black), Latin music, and it’s so cosmopolitan. And last but certainly not least, the “cortadito”, the rich, dark Cuban coffee served with foamed milk and sugar. When I leave Miami and come home, my first stop is to have a cortadito with a waitress asking, what do you want “mi corazon” (literally, my heart). (would you believe, my fave is at Winn Dixie supermarket on Coral Way) . I sigh and say, glad to be home.

Any other questions you have?





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