politifact_photos_ohio_top_10The 10 most popular blogposts of the year — here they are. Most were about food topics but travel tips also rated high, and then there was a “sleeper”, a surprise even to me. Without further adieu, here they are in order of popularity:


1.Thea’s Supper Club – This stylish, comfortable and fun dining out and music spot never disappoints. It was my choice for one of my recent birthday celebrations.


2.How to Avoid Catching a Cold on an Airplane – With newscasters saying there’s a flu epidemic this season, might be a good idea to revisit these 5 tips from travel pros on how to avoid a cold ,which work as well with all respiratory infections.


3. 5 Tips to Score an Airline Upgrade – As the size of airplane seats shrink in economy class and prices rise despite lower gas prices (airlines said they won’t be reducing fares), it pays to know the ins and outs of snagging an airline upgrade.


4.Epicurean Love: A Guide to Valentine’s Day Dining     — It’s not too late to make Valentine’s Day reservations. These were my picks for 2014 and still hold true for next month.


5 and 6: This two part series covers best spots for happy hours around town. Part I was Brickell, South Miami and Coral Gables and Part II is Midtown and Miami Beach.


7. 6 Best Restaurants to Celebrate – The holidays are over but even if there’s no special occasion, it’s always good to celebrate and here are the places to do it.


8.Task Rabbit Comes to Miami – This post was the sleeper – a website that locates handymen, drivers, movers, pesonal assistents,  and housekeepers for you. They all go through identity checks and criminal records, and are rated by other clients. A choice of hourly rates too.


9. 12 Best Dishes of 2014 – no need for explanation here.


10. 9 Eating Tips for Airline Travel – Despite airports across the country working at improving the quality of their eateries, there’s still a long way to go. In many places it’s tough to steer clear of tasteless, calorie laden sandwiches, salads with processed meats, and  poor quality/value. Here’s how to eat reasonably well, healthy, and save. (and by the way, don’t forget Petrossian’s Caviar Picnic in the Sky offered at Los Angeles International Airport.)

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