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Awash Ethiopian restaurant



My friends and I have commented on how we crave different, super tasty food as in exotic, ethnic dishes other than the usual Latin American and Japanese fare. And it’d be dishes we wouldn’t usually cook because you need to have so many special ingredients you wouldn’t want to buy for a one or two time run. My takeout has included favorites of Persian, Indian, Vietnamese, and Ethiopian food. I’ve also added Thai, with the recent reopening of a Miami favorite, Nai Ya Ra. Note that all have delivery, but where possible try to pick up the food since it saves the restaurants the big cut for the delivery service. Happy to share the names of the best ethnic restaurants in Miami,  favorite dishes and other tips. Enjoy!


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Shiraz Bistro, Persian cuisine

Shiraz Bistro & Market. The Turkish and Persian owners and managers do their culinary heritage proud with delectable dishes of the region. Especially recommended are the kebabs which come with cucumber yogurt dip, basmati rice, grilled tomato and onion; any eggplant dish; and the Persian stews. Expect to pay $50 to $60 for two. Shiraz Bistro, 9630 SW 77th Avenue (T.305-273-8888).



Indian restaurants in Miami, miamicurated
Zaika Indian restaurant

Zaika – One of my “go to” places for Indian food. In fact, this was my first take out meal during COVID 19. We ordered a whole tandoori chicken, garlic nan, spinach paneer and an eggplant curry. It came with two orders of rice. We came back two weeks later and tried the  lamb korma, boneless lamb in a rich creamy cashew sauce. Everything was delicious. Expect to pay $50 to $60 for two. If you’re not big eaters, you can get two meals out of it.  In the Bal Harbour area, 2176 NE 123rd St, North Miami,(786) 409-5187.   (Note: I also like the better known Ghee).


Awash ethiopian restaurant, miamicurated
Meat or lentil sambusas from Awash



Awash, named for an Ethiopian river, is exotic in the very best sense of the word. It excels in vegetables, stewed meats and chicken and beans. In fact, they make beans exciting, not an easy task in my book. Many dishes have the spice symphony of Indian and the subtle, sweet smokiness of barbecue. Vegetarian dishes such as red lentils, yellow split peas, cabbage, green beans and collard greens are typically scooped onto platters of their unique injera,, the spongy and slightly sour flatbread pockmarked with yeasty holes made from teff, a grain like seed from African lovegrass that is gluten-free and packed with nutrients.  Perfect for “first timers”, they have a combo of vegetarian, chicken and beef entrees called Taste of Awash, for $19.99 for one person or $29.99 for two people. There’s also a combo of five vegetables for  $13.99 for one and $23.99 for two. All come with lots of injera . And while you’re at it trying new things, pick up a bottle of Ethiopian honey wine or beer. 19934 NW 2nd Avenue  , T.305-770-5100.


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Pho from Phuc Yea photo courtesy of Miami New Times

Another one of my “go to” places with friends and family, pre and during quarantine is Phuc Yea Vietnamese restaurant Dishes not to be missed are the classic summer roll, a riff on the traditional Vietnamese spring roll, plump with roast pork along with shrimp, cucumber, herbage, rice noodles, hoisin and crispies, and the signature crispy imperial roll “cha gio” with shrimp, pork, crab, woodear mushroom, carrot and jicama We love the chicken or beef pho too, a special Vietnamese soup that’s a favorite – light, healthy, and super tasty. Now they have an early bird dinner special from 6:00 to 7:30  that’s $20 for appetizer and pho entrée (plus tax and tip) and extensive, cool cocktail list. 7100 Biscayne Boulevard, T.305-602-3710.

Phuc Yea, Fusion Vietnamese and Cajun

THai restaurants Miami, MiamiCurated
Red curry with crispy duck at Nai Ya Ra

And last on the list of best ethnic restaurants in Miami is Nai Ya Ra Thai, now open for takeout and delivery. Always reliably delicious, it’s a Miami favorite. A good friend who is a frequent diner and knows her food swears by the red curry with crispy duck, green curry with chicken, crispy bok choy and spring rolls. Nai Ya Ra, 1854 Bay Road in Sunset Harbour T.786-275-6005.

best thai restaurant Miami, Miamicurated
Crispy bok choy

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  1. Great post! I love it that you offer specific food recommendations for those of us who are newbies.

  2. Shiraz, I know that place since 1999 with its previous owner as family operated small business.
    I am glad the new owner is doing very well and I hope he keeps it that way.
    Cleaner, much more family oriented, better in service, and thankfully much more welcoming to more of all rather than being stucked to a mid-east community alone.
    Hope to be there as soon as we are over with the pandemic Covid-19. I miss the taste a lot!!!

  3. Awesome post Karen — keep up the good work! Thanks especially for sharing specific recommendations, with descriptions so mouthwatering I can almost taste them now….Can’t wait to try them!

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