Sheltering in place can be particularly challenging for Miami locals, who are used to being active and outside, year round. Exercise is a vital part of building a strong immune system, and keeping a healthy body and sound mind, especially in times of stress. Here are some tips from Tracy Belcher for a home exercise routine to stay healthy and active while in quarantine.

  1. Keep the routine you had before. Trainers and fitness studios are keeping their schedules, they’re just moving class to an online platform like Zoom or Skype. It is a great way to stay connected and get some needed social interaction.


  1. Schedule online sessions with a personal trainer. Nothing is more effective than working one-on-one under the watchful eye of a trainer. It also keeps you accountable and on track to emerge from quarantine stronger than you went in!


  1. Schedule your workouts. When your routine changes and you are faced with the distractions of working from home, it can really throw you off. (Hello, unintentional Netflix marathon.) Schedule yourself first, and keep your schedule consistent.


  1. Find a workout buddy. Although you might not be able to workout together physically, you can encourage and hold each other accountable by setting goals, sending photos and updates, and even working out together via FaceTime or Zoom. You can also sign up for an online class or “duet” remote session together, with a trainer.


  1. Change up the scenery. If you’re used to working out in a particular room, try moving to another room, or even taking it outside to combat your cabin fever. As long as outdoor exercise is still allowed/recommended by your local government, you can go for a socially-distanced walk, jog or bike ride.


Tracy Belcher is a Pilates teacher in Miami, FL (my teacher, by the way). For more on Tracy, click here.

To schedule an online session, call/text 786.548.9993 or email


  1. Hi TRACY,
    Love this, short, sweet and to the point. Helps to define our new normal! Thanks for the encouragement! We all feel so much better after exercise so it is really important to make sure we work this into our “Stay At Home” routine. Thanks for all you do to look after your clients physical and mental health, (especially in these unprecedented times)! You ROCK!!!

  2. I’ve known Tracy for years ands she’s an excellent Pilates instructor. Highly recommend anyone sitting at home during this health crises schedule an online class with her.

  3. Absolutely! Couldn’t have said it any better!
    Our ‘new normal’ is weird and confusing and pretty crazy. Keeping consistency in our workouts has definitely been my sanity, as well as my clients! And using Zoom makes it so easy!

  4. Congrats Tracy !! We are all learning about this new normal way of life so these tips really help us instructors and clients as well. Thank you for sharing with us ! Love, D.

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