If you’re a foodie, or just really appreciate fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoy the gourmet market experience, you must put a drive to The Boys Farmers Market on your “to do” list. There’s nothing even close to it in Miami in terms of variety and quality of fruits and vegetables, price point,  as well as having a wide selection of other food items in one place. If you know Fairway Market in New York City, this is similar, but on a smaller, though not small scale. Plus, it’s an experience being there, worth the drive to Delray Beach. So what in particular will you find?

Very fresh vegetables that seems just picked. For instance, I bought a head of scallions. Never have I had such plump, crisp scallions. They crunched when I cut them. The green asparagus were extraordinary — also plump, crisp, and uber fresh.  Fruits are sold in cascading bins that are steadily replenished, along with containers of cut mixed fruit and single item fruits. A favorite item is the freshly squeezed fruit juices in quart containers including blood orange and lemonade.  The piece de resistance is their pineapple that has been skinned, so ripe and fresh the aroma wafts out from the counter.

There are entire sections of the store devoted to cheeses from around the world, Italian and Jewish style baked goods, charcuterie, and smoked fishes, from herring and nova and lox salmon to sprats. Love pickles and sour tomatoes? Check. Find a wide selection of both.

Need to get some protein for dinner? There’s a butcher shop, poultry and fish areas. Don’t want to cook? Find a wide variety of primarily Italian prepared foods, both hot, like pastas, and cold items .

All matter of condiments, sauces, and dressings are sandwiched in the isles, with items from all over the world.

Finish off the dinner shopping with selections from their coffee section , organic fair trade from all over the world including their Boys House Blend  and then there are all manner of cakes and pastries.

Everything is value priced, somethings more than others. Also, all products are not like the produce, A+, (such as the hot prepared items), but one makes some allowances for the convenience and the availability of some usually hard to find items. Best to go during the week as weekends can be packed and the isles are narrow. It’s all an experience and in my book, definitely worth it.

The Boys Farmers Market, 14378 S Military Trail, Delray Beach, Florida 33484 T.(561) 496-0810. Free parking in the lot.

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  1. I love the quality of the fruit and vegetables and the cashier they are aleé nice and very helpful

  2. This is truly the best in the area. The help is terrific. Go early as parking may be a problem but it is worth the struggle

  3. The Boys have great food but be aware the fruits cut up are delicious sweet but cannot be used the next day. You must use it the day you purchase it. Also refrigerated items such as their soups wuacamole home made salads from the deli make sure to use the same day. There are no preservatives in anything and the food must be consumed the same day. Hold onto your receipt if you have a problem with anything and the store will honor your return. You have to be especially careful especially in the summer that foods do not spoil and I would recommend taking a cooler with you to bring items home. If you have a problem with an item be sure to hold onto your receipt and the store will honor. Credit if something has gone sour

  4. looks amazing that market, too bad we don’t have this in Miami>>>>we will visit for sure!
    thanks for this great tip! J&B

  5. Yes, excellent and fresh selections. But I gotta warn everyone: getting in and out of the parking lot is very messy. The exit is right beside a USPS exit, and when the light turns green, be careful. Two lanes are pulling out: one from the Post office, and one from Boys. And, pretty much nobody uses their car signal light anymore. Again, great store. But watch out: parking and traffic are both tough, I don’t shop there because of this issue, nor do I go to the P. O. next door. It’s a madhouse. And you may have to park in the post office parking lot anyway, then you’re subject to being towed. There must be a farmers market in every neighborhood, stick to them.

  6. Parking lot is a huge mess anytime of the day!! Their “fresh” fruit spoils the next day. I bought pita bread there. Got home, found it was very moldy. According to the label from where it came from, indicated it was a few months old. However, the Boy’s sticker date indicated it was fresh for a few weeks. I brought it back….1 of the owners was nasty to me especially when I showed him the contradictory labels. I exchanged it stupidly…only for a repeat of another very moldy package. I gave up & threw it out. Never went back to the Boys. I’d rather spend a few cents more & shop in Publix. I’m living in south FL for 28 years & can say Publix is the best!!!!

    1. Sorry to hear of your experience. Have you had these kind of experiences multiple times? Parking can be a challenge as others have also mentioned.As a point of reference, my review is based on my having gone there for 15 years, both alone, and other times with my parents who lived part of the year in Boynton beach.

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