seafood restaurants in west palm beach, high dive, miamicurated
Savory seafood waffle, a wow


Thanks to the Brightline, I’ve been going to Palm Beach more often. It’s so easy, breezy and civilized. And when there, I’m always on the lookout for exciting new restaurants, especially a seafood restaurant in West Palm Beach,  rather than the “same old, same old”. Happily the new High Dive in West Palm Beach is anything but the “same old”. And even better, it’s a seafood focused restaurant  by award-winning husband and wife team, Chefs Jeremy and Cindy Bearman. It’s well worth putting on your list when you’re in Palm Beach.

Bearman is the talented chef behind the Michelin-starred restaurant Rouge Tomate in New York City, and his wife Cindy, was former Executive Pastry Chef at Jean Georges’ ABC Kitchen. The menu is exciting and creative, the place could be plucked off the New England seaside, and everyone couldn’t have been more attentive or friendly. But more on the food.

seafood restaurants in west palm beach, high dive, miamicurated

We started with a standout, a signature dish called savory seafood waffle. It’s an American interpretation of a Korean dish with kimchi, pickled daikon, kewpie (like butter), eel sauce and furikake (a Japanese seasoning made of dried fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed and sugar). There’s also dancing bonito that are fish flakes which, when warmed up “dance”, creating a wild sensation. Besides being great fun, it is at once sweet and spicy, and melts in your mouth.

best seafood restaurants in west palm beach, high dive, miamicurated
Signature swordfish dish

For mains we tried the local swordfish that couldn’t have been fresher, and cleverly combined with cauliflower, pineapple, pecan, capers, raisin and brown butter. Mr. W, the carnivore, had one of the few meat dishes, a 16 ounce prime New York strip. The quality of the meat and cooking wouldn’t have been better at a dedicated steakhouse. It was served with crispy polenta fries with warm leak vinaigrette and au poivre sauce. We both gave it high marks.



besst seafood restaurants in west palm beach, high dive, miamicurated
Rock Shrimp ceviche Photo by Piper Jones

Me being me, we had to have dessert, and what a dessert. OMG. It’s called the goodie bowl. Get this, it has chocolate mousse batter, chocolate cake scraps, roasted banana sorbet, broken chocolate cookie, smoked sea salt caramel and chocolate chip cookie dough. Incredible. Next time I have to try the cinnamon cake doughnuts with baked apple, cider currants and toasted oat ice cream.

best restaurants in west palm beach, MiamiCurated
Goodie bowl

Dishes are made to share. There are curated selections of salads, appetizers, sandwiches, soups and vegetables. Prices are in the teens and twenties except for lobster, fisherman’s stew and steak.

best restaurants in palm beach, miamicurated
Lobster roll photo by Piper Jones

In the beverage department they have their signature cocktails and fun “zero proof” choices with names like Meet me in Monaco and Cruise to Kingston. A glass of wine (6 ounce pour) starts at $9 and 9 ounce for $13. Bottles start at $29.

seafood restaurants in palm beach, miamicurated
Sailors say Brandy photo by Piper Jones

Parking, when validated, is free.

top new restaurants in west palm beach, miamicurated
Lemon pie Photo by Piper Jones

High Dive, 550 South Rosemary Ave. Suite #236
West Palm Beach, (T.561-437-1437).


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