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Marie Antoinette’s Head – Let Them Eat Cake with cotton candy, yesteryear candies, and a Bananas Foster “shake”


Barton G has always been a star on his stage of creating highly creative, bold, almost theatrical eating in what has always been a fun South Beach experience. We’re not talking European style molecular gastronomy. This is American in its themes and drama. I hadn’t been back there for close to ten years, just because I’m always pulled to try the new places. But an invitation to try the new menu came in conjunction with the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, so off I went, a cold and all.My curiosity was especially piqued because how, I asked myself, with all of the competition in dining experiences, could Barton G The Restaurant still WOW diners?

Enter new Executive Director of Culinary Development, Chef Jeff O’Neil, with a pedigree that’s a “who’s who” in the American restaurant world. We were treated to a display of some of the new creations with a tasting of select dishes. Rather than write about it, the images tell all. Suffice it to say that the new menu presentations are an incredible show. My only regret is that I wasn’t there with young children. Their faces would light up, big grins from ear to ear, and probably there would be squeals of delight. If you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion, this would indeed be special. Plus, there’s lovely outdoor seating in a garden courtyard.

Enjoy the show!


Mega rich chocolate ganache and dulce de leche tart under a gold brick shell. Graham cracker crust, soft meringue, chocolate – feuilletine golden nuggets

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Cafe caramel flan with tobacco laced gianduja chocolate cigars, guava pastelitos, and cafe con leche sauce



Baby roots, veggies, bite size caesars with edible quinoa and mushroom soils

Deconstructed garden salad, fun South Beach restaurants, Barton G pictures, Barton G, MiamiCurated



White truffle whipped deviled eggs, togarashi bacon crumble, crisp garlic, fresh black truffles & garden herbs

The Devil's Egg, Barton G pictures, fun South Beach restaurants, Barton G, MiamiCurated


A contemporary blend with fresh concord grapes, apples, citrus and both fresh and sundried cranberries




Signature martini with Absolut pear vodka, lychee puree, cranberry, club soda served with a nitrogenized pop of pear vodka.

Also shown with B.G. Platinum Ranch tomahawk ribeye served with lobster tail, gulf shrimp, charcoal yucca logs, charred tomato and salsa ranchero.


Dishes are made for sharing. Appetizers are priced from $24 to $36; entrees, $29 to $48 except tomahawk and jerk chicken; desserts, $36 to $42; drinks from $18.

Barton G, 1427 West Avenue, Miami Beach (T.305-672-8881).

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