Different breakfast ideas, Miamicurated

Whether you’re starting your day later during the week, or just stepping up your breakfast picks, here’s a list I really liked, and hope you do too of breakfast ideas for every day of the week. They’re easy, new takes on old favorites, and clever presentations to take the dishes and beverages up a notch.  Plus, making them can be a fun family activity. Ideas and images are from Velas Resorts of Mexico’s VM magazine, the Knife + Fork section.

Monday: Yogurt + fruits

The usual fruit combo with yogurt is berries which these days are very affordable with frequent specials at Publix and Winn Dixie.  But how about adding kiwi or green apples that make it bittersweet? And instead of a bowl, put it into a Mason jar in layers. Fancy.

Tuesday: Sandwich

Go for the gold, get creative with sandwiches.. You just need to add your favorite ingredients between that bread you love. Try this on —   make a great pizza-sandwich: open face mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. Something sweet? Cottage cheese with apples. Or a salad in a sandwich creation.

Wednesday: Omelet

Omelets are practically as easy as sandwiches. You just have to add any vegetables in your fridge, even cheeses or dressings. The secret to making them fluffy is beating the eggs before you cook them. I like to add a little milk ,a tip picked up from a fancy hotel breakfast in Italy.

Thursday: Sweet and salty toasts

We know that there are days when you prefer a sweet breakfast and other days when something salty is what you crave the most. So, the toppings for your toasts will depend on your mood. Check out these ideas:

  • Different breakfast ideas, Miamicurated

Friday: Oatmeal + smoothie

The perfect complement for your oatmeal will be the milk of your choice: coconut, almond, chocolate… Any of them will give it a special flavor and to enjoy every bite, you could add your favorite fruit.

On the other hand, a smoothie is characterized by its texture, the best part is to combine different fruits and vegetables to obtain exquisite flavors such as mango, banana, and carrot; strawberries, pineapple, and almond milk; spinach, avocado, and banana. Smoothies will become your favorite drink.

  • Different breakfast ideas, Miamicurated
    Oatmeal with almonds

Saturday: Waffles

Waking up with the aroma of waffles brings good memories, so this weekend you could surprise your kids with this classic breakfast. You could decorate it with the shape of their favorite animal, sprinkles, berries, or even make a sandwich. It sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

  • Different breakfast ideas, Miamicurated
    Waffle sandwich

Sunday: French toast

Those slices of bread with that delicious cinnamon and sugar flavor will be the perfect end of your week.

What makes this breakfast special is that you need very few ingredients: eggs, milk, vanilla or cinnamon, butter, and bread. You just have to fry it and served with whipped cream, red berries, or honey. These classic toasts are perfect to accompany your morning coffee.

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