buya miami, miamicuratedThere’s no lack of Japanese restaurants in the Magic City but the menus are pretty predictable. Not so with Miami’s first Japanese pub, Buya Miami . Not only is the menu creative, so much so that we had a tough time choosing, but also, the street food is downright delicious. It’s not surprising how good it is considering that several of the partners hail from KYU.  This is their fourth location, joining St.Petersburg, Florida, Berlin and Potsdam. Service is friendly, prices are reasonable, and dishes are served with two pieces for sharing as this is about small plates.

The menu is divided into 3 sections –Charcoal, Bowls and Super Rad.  This is a pub so the decor is minimalist except for a mural behind a corner bar. Tables are well spaced inside and there are outside tables under a canvas awning.

We started with Kaarage, their signature double fried chicken in mouth size pieces. It is marinated in ginger, garlic and soy, breaded, seasoned with salt, and served with a side of kewpie mayo. It had just the right kick and was ever so crispy.

buya miami, miamicurated
Double fried chicken

Another favorite were the shitake mushrooms on a skewer, seasoned with yuzu salt. We gobbled down both dishes.

Grilled shiitake mushrooms

Mr. W had the skewered yellowtail that was moist and very fresh. A welcome complement to the spicy dishes was a unique take on a seaweed salad that was slightly sweet, made with hijiki, tosaka, apple, cucumber, and umami vinaigrette. I opted for the Wagyu beef skewers grilled over binchotan charcoal that we both enjoyed.

buya miami, miamicurated
Yellowfish on skewers

Our waitress suggested the Japanese Gazpacho as a palate cleanser. Since I’ve always had it as an appetizer, I wondered how that would work, but was really happy we ended up trying it. The miso broth was poured from an attractive pot into the bowl that had tofu, black tobiko and cucumber sushito.  It was slightly creamy in texture and was totally refreshing. Next time I’d like to try the duck dumpling hot pot and Tokyo street corn.

Ice cream sandwich Japanese style

Dessert was unexpected, a Handmade Mochi stuffed with sweet red bean, matcha ice cream and kinako crumble and the Sesame Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich. 

All dishes, made for sharing, range from $8 to $15. There are signature cocktails, a selection of beer and wine.They are waiting on their full liquor license and launching a selection of Japanese whiskies.

Duck hot pot photo by @lifestyleguru_kd

Buya Izakaya + Yakitori is located at 250 NW 24th Street, Wynwood. It’s open for lunch and dinner from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays and late night on weekends.  There’s street parking and garages nearby.


    1. Thanks Joan. Do keep in mind that outdoor seating is under an a temporary awning on the street so it’s damp when it rains. We were going to sit outside but it was raining so went inside. There were few people and tables were well spaced and servers wore masks so we felt comfortable inside.

      1. My wish is that Vegetarian and Vegan dishes can have their own space on menus. The Buya menu has several possibilities but I’ll have to call to confirm the ingredients. Miami has come a long ways in the last 30 years in providing vegetarian meals for an ever expanding number of customers.

  1. HI Karen: every recommendation of yours we have tried has been wonderful. We will definitely hit Buya next time we are in Wynwood. I live in South Miami and found a flyer about these folks on my car. They have just opened. We tried the food this weekend, the ravioli and the tagliatelle are really really good and the people are so nice. I thought I would send it along in case you were interested in trying it out. They deliver!

    1. Do you mean for New Year’s Eve? If so, do you want just dinner? A show? dancing? Do you care about distance of the place from where you’ll be staying? What kind of cuisine do you like? Price point? Sorry but I need more information to give you the best answer.

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