Looking for flats — classic ballerinas in many neutral shades and fashion forward styles with a European sensibility — along with sneakers and espadrilles? One of my favorite shoe stores in Miami is Menina Step. Their shoes are solid quality, made in Spain and a steal. When I go shoe shopping , times that I do buy it’s seldom more than one pair. Seeing their new collection I bought four pair and the total cost? Under $300.

Menina Step has a small, unassuming space in a strip mall in South Miami, 9814 SW 77th Avenue (T.305-582-3721). It’s small because they primarily sell wholesale there, and do most of their retail online (where prices are a little higher). Though small, it’s large enough to have a good variety of its specialty, leather ballerina flats made in Spain.


Choose from a wide selection of colors, imprinted leather (snakeskin look alike), patent, fabric, two tone,  pointed or rounded toe, and with or without a small heel. Check out some of the models and prices below.

Want more fashion? There’s the now popular strap flats, handsome pointed toe fabric model with a rhinestone buckle, platform sneakers, and beaded espadrilles.

A small selection of childrens’ and toddlers models are also on tap. If you go soon, you’ll also be able to choose from some other lovely models (polka dot, multi colored snakeskin tips, fluorescent shades) now on sale for 20 to 40% off.

A sale model

In store prices for flats start at $74 with most under $100, a great deal for shoe stores in Miami. Sneakers start at $70.

And when you go there, around the corner is Cao Chocolates, single origin Venezuelan chocolates, so you can treat yourself with the money you save.Don’t miss the croissant with a chocolate center that they grill and serve warm.  You’ll be hooked.

And if you like Spanish fashion, check out Purificacion Garcia in the Village of Merrick Park.

Updated: Purificacion Garcia, Spanish boutique

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