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In New York City, a place known for its pastrami sandwiches, Pop’s Pastrami is a standout. I’m drooling just thinking about it.Let’s give credit where it’s due….to New York Magazine who put me onto it in their roundup of top sandwiches around the country. Harry & Ida’s Meat & Supply Co.’s pastrami sandwich is an interpretation of a New York Classic. Don’t think overstuffed sandwiches as in your typical take, or even rye bread. We’re talking different. The meat has a rich, beefy, smoky flavor thanks to the brining of Creekstone beef for two weeks, that’s then smoked over oak and maple wood before it’s steamed. A half a pound of this lusciously marbled meat is piled onto a soft roll slathered with old world mustard blended with white anchovies, and garnished with crispy brined cucumbers and dill. For light eaters,  Ida’s Pastrami sandwich is a quarter pound of meat.  Pop’s Pastrami sandwich is $17.50; Ida’s is $12.50. There’s a sandwich combo that includes The Ida, North Fork Potato Chips or matzo chips and Boylan’s soda,Q soda or water for $15 and an option to upgrade to Pop’s for $6.50. They also sell pastrami by the pound — $30.

Wash it down with an authentic, traditional tasting Boylan’s root beer and you get the total experience. You can eat in at a few high top tables and they do takeout and delivery.

best pastrami New York, new york best pastrami sandwich, MiamiCurated, best deli new york

Harry & Ida’s Meat & Supply Co.,  189 Avenue A, T.646-864-0967.

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