Behida Dolic, hats Miami, MiamiCurated
Hat by Behida Dolic, milliner and designer


A new destination for grocery shopping, art and circus classes for kids and adults, a milliner and designer to put on your list, and a welcome app to measure noise levels, all in Karens Kudos for August.

Photo courtesy of Target)


Looking for tasty, quick, reasonably priced frozen entrees including low cal and healthy options? Hors d’oeuvre you can whip out for your next cocktail party? Would you believe Target to the rescue. A reader told me about their new major food departments in their mega stores (e.g. South Miami, Midtown) so I went to check it out. Sure enough, there’s was  a major selection of ethnic, vegetarian/Vegan, and healthy frozen entrees, most under $5 which makes for an inexpensive meal and brands one doesn’t find anywhere else like SVOL, Sweet Earth, and Feel Good Foods. Dishes that caught my eye included Kyoto Stir Fry, gluten free portabello mushroom and goat cheese ravioli, cauliflower MAC and Korean Japchae. In particular I liked the hors d’oeuvre selection and ended up buying the taquitos with chicken and chipotle which were definitely company worthy. Next door to the Target in South Miami is a Whole Foods so you can do serious food shopping between the two of them. Plus, Target delivers.

Les Ailes du Desir, circus school Miami, MiamiCurated,circus class Miami
Les Ailes du Desir circus school


A novel and fun activity for your kids or grandchildren (and for adults!) is classes at Les Ailes du Desir (LADD), Miami Circus School. LADD ​offers 5000 square feet ​and 25 foot high ceilings for ​practicing circus arts including, silks, lyra, cloud swing, straps, trapeze, rope, Chinese pole, cyr wheel, juggling, acrobatic balancing​, classical dance forms, and yoga. They’re for everyone from professional circus artists to beginners. Almost all of the instructors are circus performers from world renowned contemporary circus companies like Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloise, and Les Septs Doigts De la Main. Additionally, many of their resident teachers are alumni graduated from the prestigious Ecole National De Cirque De Montreal.

Les Ailes du Desir Miami, circus school Miami, Miamicurated, yoga class Miami
Les Ailes du Desir circus school also offers yoga, cross training and gymastics

Group and private classes are featured along with workshops, everything from family partner acrobats to choreography. Prices start at $28 for a drop in class in Ground Activities and $35 for Aerial/Cyr Wheel. Prices drop when buying a series, and there’s also an open gym use (one time) for $10. Group classes are offered after school. Miami Circus School, 1395 NW 22nd Street, T. 786-478-5891

painting classes Miami, Art Box, MiamiCurated
Art Box


A welcome addition for getting in touch with your creative side is Art Box, for children and adults.  The owner is Sofia del Rivero, who attended New York University, where she received a Bachelors in Fine Arts with a concentration in painting.There are a number of good choices for painting classes in Miami (even with wine), but this goes a step further with drawing, painting,  mixed media, sculpture, even printmaking and animation. Group and private classes are offered. Other offerings are Art Nights for adults (every third Thursday of the month) and  Family Workshops (every second Saturday) . Launching this fall are  new “Mommy and Me” workshops .A special trial class for kids is $35 and for adults, $50. Some classes include art materials. Kids class series range from $20 to $30 per class and for adults, $50 to $60 per class. There are also seasonal art camps for kids and art parties.  Art Box, Mayfair in the Grove, 2911 Grand Avenue, Suite 400E, T. 305-778-1270.

behida dolic hats, hats Miami, MiamiCurated
Behida Dolic hats


Granted there are some gorgeous hats out there, like ones featured in my earlier post on Shapoh. But here’s a milliner and designer whose hats are different and lovely, found her in Town and Country magazine. Her name is Behida Dolić Bosnian-born and based in New York. In the small village of kilim weavers and furniture builders where she grew up, “handmade” was a way of life.

Behida Dolic


After fleeing the Bosnian War in 1998, Dolić studied art in San Francisco and Florence before discovering millinery. Entirely self-taught, she began her millinery business with one hat block and was propelled by its limitations to build her successful business. She operates her hat shop in Hudson, New York and her hats, praised as wearable works of art, are sold worldwide.

SPL Meter by Andrew Smith, noise app, Ear Peace Foundation, Miamicurated
SPL Meter by Andrew Smith, app that measures decibels


Did you know there’s an app that measures the decibel levels wherever you are? I found out about this from a friend who’s on the board of the Ear Peace Foundation. Founded by Adele Sandberg (mother of Sheryl of Facebook fame), it’s devoted to much needed work of making young people aware of the problem of noise induced hearing loss and motivating them to take measures to protect their hearing (Did you know that in the US, 1 out of 5 teenagers suffers from noise induced hearing loss by the age of 19?). The Foundation, with help from colleagues at the University of Miami Ear Institute’s Department of Otolaryngology, tested some of the Smartphone apps currently available to ensure the apps provided accurate measurement of decibel levels. For iPhone users, they are currently recommending an app called SPL Meter by Andrew Smith.




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