Best long lasting lipstick with no smears, smudges


Long lasting lipstick. For years companies have claimed to have the one that works, but I haven’t seen the results. Who has the time (or remembers) to constantly touch up lipstick, let alone have a pocket mirror to do hourly lipstick checks. Enter Kylie Jenner whose social media network is getting her close to being the youngest self made billionaire based on her cosmetics line. For long lasting lipsticks, she has her Posie K and Candie K lines. Another contender is the more popularly priced hot brand out of California, ColourPop. I decided to do a test of both, a review of long lasting lipstick. My criteria– no stains, smudges, and that it be long lasting.

Colour Pop colors


I ordered the two most popular liquid lipstick lines (matte finish) from Kylie Cosmetics, the Posie K and Candie K to test this out. What I liked about these is that the applicator was smooth, the smell very cake or butterscotch like, and the liquid very light but at the same time creamy. The matte variety was not very drying, yet at the same time almost felt like I had nothing on my lips. There were no stains on my coffee mug, a telltale sign. Though I did see  a slight dullness in the color after lunch, the stain stayed on the lips all day. The lip kit with the lip liner normally costs about $29 plus shipping, but I lucked out and got a special first time customer deal of 2 lipsticks for $25. It’s best to order on kylie s website itself – and the colorpop too on because Amazon did not show me the same deals. Both have promotional deals for first time users.

At the same time, ColourPop also had its equivalent colours very close in shade to that of Kylie Cosmetics such as ColourPop Dopey and Colourpop Beeper .What I liked about the applicator in this case was that it was thinner which worked well in lining the lips in cases where you don’t always use a lip liner. There was no smell to the lipstick which was fine, and the consistency was light, feeling the same as that of Kylie. More importantly I realized that ColourPop was made from the same laboratories as that of Kylie with the same ingredient list and hence the same light feel of the liquid. In terms being long lasting, it was the same as that of Kylie Cosmetics.The attractive point here was the price point of about $6 and in my case, even less with my national lipstick day special for $3.90. Shipping was also relatively cheaper.

Though I enjoyed the smell and colors of Kylie a lot more, I would not hesitate in ordering more variety with ColourPop given the lower price for similar quality. However, doesn’t discount Kylie products. The social media queen relies on feedback of her millions of fans, and  her products are ever evolving.


Note from Karen:   ColourPop lipsticks are sold on Amazon, but not the full line.They’re also sold at Ulta Beauty Shops. I tried ColourPop and sure enough, the color (though understandably lightening up as the day wore on), was still there at the end of the day. It’s also a good idea to combine it with another lipstick you like, blending the color. I’m hooked.



  1. Great article! Was looking for something to help me decide on a good brand, will definitely go with the recommendations here. Thanks for this!

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