The Lipstick Pout Out. Kylie vs. Colour Pop

Best long lasting lipstick with no smears, smudges


Long lasting lipstick. For years companies have claimed to have the one that works, but I haven’t seen the results. Who has the time (or remembers) to constantly touch up lipstick, let alone have a pocket mirror to do hourly lipstick checks. Enter Kylie Jenner whose social media network is getting her close to being the youngest self made billionaire based on her cosmetics line. For long lasting lipsticks, she has her Posie K and Candie K lines. Another contender is the more popularly priced hot brand out of California, ColourPop. I decided to do a test of both, a review of long lasting lipstick. My criteria– no stains, smudges, and that it be long lasting.

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