face mask chain jewelry, miamicuratedA valuable find for the times are these attractive super lightweight chains for men and women to hold face masks. And better yet, this face mask chain jewelry is made in Miami. Even my super picky good friend who worked for a “who’s who” of the Italian fashion industry bought not just one, but several. We were snapping them up like hotcakes.

face mask chain jewelry, miamicurated

I discovered them while waiting in line for Vietnamese food at a new place in Little River, striking up a conversation with a local who was wearing one of the chains. It turns out she owns Vanity Projects in the Design District, a nail salon that does eye popping nail art. They are sold in the salon which is where we bought them, but they’re made by Miami Mask Chains. She sells a curated collection from the wider variety available online.

face mask chain jewelry, miamicurated
“Skinny” chains

Models range from “skinny” and two tone to small link and children’s versions.

Think all kinds of colors and color combos so they’re sure to go with everything – black and white, silver and gold, tortoise shell, pastels, turquoise and more. They fit any size mask.


Prices range from $30 to $55. Also for sale online are silk masks in neutral colors and rich jewel tones, perfect for a gala evening out ($32).


For this face mask chain jewelry, go to Vanity Projects, 151 NE 41st Street, Suite 221 or online to Miami Mask Chains, click here.




  1. Thanks for info!
    I bought quite a few and it is my intention to buy more and give them away as very nice and useful presents. Sent two to Italy to a dear friend. She was delighted !!!

  2. Although fashionable, it is actually not recommendable for use. When the mask is not being worn, it should be kept in a sterile covering. By leaving it hanging , it can & will pickup pollutants & bacteria (including COVID aerosol particles) which you would then bring back in contact with your face. This defeats the purpose of wearing a mask all together sadly.

  3. It is actually not recommended to keep a mask in an enclosed casing of any kind in between wearing it. As bacteria grows in an enclosed environment mixed with moisture. Mask Chains are useful for when not in public spaces (ie leaving a store getting back into your car you let the mask hang off your chain conveniently until you are around others again, rather than having it in an enclosed or dirty surface where bacteria breads. ) Even physicians are using mask chains in between patients.

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