Crystal, the winner of the MiamiCurated contest, “cashed in” on her prize, dinner with yours truly this week. And was it ever a magnifique gastronomic event! Check out the images below. And note the event at Semilla Miami is open to the public tonight through Saturday.

Michelin star chefs Guillaume Guedj who flew in from Paris for the occasion and Frederic Joulin, owner and executive chef of Semilla, shined with a seven course feast and signature cocktails that had everyone in culinary awe.

Semilla Miami, Mr.T Paris, MiamiCurated
(l to r) Guillaume Guedj, Yours Truly, Frederic Joulin


But the food wasn’t the only high note – also the conversation. Crystal and I chatted away about everything from our common passion for travel and Miami hot spots to international politics. The restaurant was festively decorated for Halloween, and the crowd interesting and engaging.

Here’s the menu, and it’s a terrific value!

– Oréo / Foie Gras / Cacao

Semilla Miami, MiamiCurated

– Oyster / Mousse de Haddock / Noisettes

Semilla Miami, MiamiCurated

– Monkfish / Clam Chowder / Légumes

Semilla Miami, MiamiCurated

 Chicken & Waffle / Pumpkin Mousse / Maple Syrup  

Semilla Miami, MiamiCurated

– Pina Colada Sorbet / Coco Mousse / Brown Sugar Syrup 

– Wagyu Burger with Torched Cheddar Mousse

 Mr. Tiramisu / French Toasted Bread / Mascarpone Mousse / Coffee Ice Cream 

Special signature cocktails too with the hip Mezcal and Kentucky Bourbon.

Reservations are required |Limited Seatings. T.305.674.6522 or visit

1330 Alton Road, Miami Beach. Dinner is 8 p.m. to close. Price is $65. ++. Valet parking.





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