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At OMG Brigadeiros Miami I felt like Alice in Wonderland in a dollhouse, with its pretty pink walls, tea room like tables and chairs, alluring scent of chocolate, and lovely chocolate confections. Now with 2 locations –  The Brigadeiros Miami shops, at 2205 SW 23rd Ave on Coral Way and another at 6912 Biscayne Boulevard feature the favored Brazilian confection for celebratory occasions.  Made of Belgian cacao, butter and condensed milk,  in 15 different flavors, it satisfies a sweet craving, and the size of the bite is the probably the reason the Girl From Ipanema keeps her svelte figure. Also, they have expanded their menu with dessert cappucinos, cakes in a jar, milkshakes, Brigadeiro cake Miami, gift items and more.

brigadeiros miami, miamicurated
Coral Way shop

The name, explains American Brazilian owners, brothers Luciano Brilho and Pedro Brilho, comes from people’s reactions when they taste a brigadeiro – Oh My Gosh (OMG).  Typically the sweet is milk chocolate, though there’s a dark chocolate version as well, and many are gluten free. The signature offering (OMG Brigadeiro) is made of milk chocolate with pure chocolate sprinkles around and a little bit of condensed milk inside.

Varieties range from a crowd favorite, caramel dulce de leche and a rainbow with colored bits, to fruit flavors, cookies and cream, and more.

Brigadeiros Miami, Miamicurated
New item, cookie pie

They’re $1.80 per piece, or less depending on the quantity you buy.   They have  same-day delivery in Miami-Dade up to 5 miles from each location and also a next day delivery in Miami Dade County for $10.

Cappuccino rimmed with Nutella and bits of brigadeiros

Do go and plan to linger. Order a Nespresso coffee or tea and spend a civilized afternoon respite. Or, better yet, order their signature cappuccino with a Nutella and Brigadeiro rimmed saucer.Parking is offered on site.

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