A unique French Caribbean lifestyle pop-up boutique has come to Wynwood, and it’s well worth a visit.But note it’s only here until this Sunday. Find some of the leading and most creative fashion, beauty and cosmetic brands of Martinique and Guadalupe. I ended up buying an eye catching long white dress with a fitted bodice and flaired skirt and matching bandeau bathing suit that could be from Balenciaga or Prada at a fifth of the price. Then there’s handsome resort footwear, a natural cosmetics line, and perfume and scents label. Loved the sunglasses and straw beach bags, too. Have a look: 

Find gauzy, long white dresses; pants that are fabric collages; and colorful floral print shorts and scarves. All have the Caribbean fluidity, lightness, femeninity and designs that are at home in the tropics.

KADALYS is the 1st organic and eco-conscious cosmetics brand that uses banana active ingredients. Inspired by French Caribbean traditional medicine, Kadalys has patented “Bio-actif”®: an active ingredient extracted from the banana tree, This ingredient is sourced and manufactured in an ethical and eco-friendly way. Then there are stylish sunglasses that you won’t find somewhere else.

Parfums des Iles follows the mantra of “Imagine, create, transform, reveal” which it incorporates in every step of the creative process of its fragrances and soaps. Launched in Martinique in 1996 and led by Véronicka Cormouls-Houles since 2008, Parfums des Îles is the first artisan perfumery to use natural alcohol derived from distilling sugar cane in its creations, thus showcasing Caribbean culture.

Maison T.I.N.A.S.‘s espadrilles have been making a splash since 2014. The company, whose acronym means “This is not a shoe,” was born in Martinique, founded by Willem Germany, and made in Mauléon, in the Basque region of France.  Their designs are based on ancient craftsmanship made in the 13th century from local materials like hemp and flax, and patterns are different and eye catching.Also find  slipons and low heeled leather shoes in sorbet colors.

The popup is open to the public Friday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. @ Wynwood Block, 2621 NW Second Avenue, Unit 21. It’s part of French Culture Week described in an earlier blogpost. Click here.

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