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A number of you have expressed interest in going to the warehouse/showroom of Anatomie, the company that makes travel clothes for men and women. So great news! We’ll be going there AND have two other curated vendors. Mark your calendar for February 12, 5:30 to 7:30.  My next reader event will be held at their showroom. PLUS, we’’ll be joined by Sonder and Holiday that makes stylish straw market bags that were all the rage in the French Riviera this summer along with custom Panama style hats for men and women and others. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll have the designers of my much complimented Frida Kahlo earrings and others that happen to be under $60 so you can buy more than one.  Enjoy wine, prosecco and light bites too! Here’s more on the event and images of the products on display. And if you like what you’ve read, I need to have your RSVP by February 7. Feel free to invite a guest but I need to know the name.


If you missed the post about Anatomie, the scoop is  travel clothing that goes from runway to restaurant, is wrinkle resistant, stylish, comfortable, stretchy and there are even dresses, Plus, there are pieces for women and men. Find pants for many body types, casual and dressy tops that match, cool looking travel jackets and windbreakers for a well rounded layering wardrobe in any climate.


Pieces mix and match, are wrinkle-free and low maintenance— wash in cold water and hang to dry–in just a few hours. The latest additions are a small selection of dresses, a shift model and another printed model I got. They’re also incredibly lightweight, as in a pair of pants is the weight of a banana! Four pieces can fit in a bag the size of a cosmetic bag! Here’s my earlier blogpost on Anatomie.

Madagascar straw hat and bag from Ghana, at Sonder and Holliday

Sonder and Holliday are a socially conscious travel and resort line of stylish goods. You’ll find market baskets made in Ghana that were all the rage in the French Riviera this summer and handwoven straw hats from Ecuador .Another popular item are the dramatic long brim hats from Madagascar along with hat accessories made in Miami, Kenya, Brazil, and in collaboration with different designers and jewelers. Hats are for men and women. And even better yet, they are designed in Miami and made around the world with the intention of profoundly and positively impacting the communities they source from via trade and business education.

Feathers used to customize Panama hats

Parrots,  pineapple, cats, flamingos, evil eye, hearts, and more are the inspiration for the earrings of Shine, Design and Shop. The handmade creations are fashioned of beads and textiles by two sisters who live in Miami. They’re colorful, fun, and perfect for Miami. Find them as studs, chandelier models, and they’ll make any into clips. As I mentioned, when I wear my Frida Kahlo and another, kitty earrings, I invariably get lots of compliments.

Frida Kahlo earrings, one of several models and colors, from Shine, Design and Shop

And if this isn’t enough, they will have a special price just for this event so you can afford to buy more than one! For more information and to see more earrings, click here.

Shine Design and Shop


Anatomie is in Little River, 6701 N.W. 4th Avenue.



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