Spotted at Acne Studios in Milan, this “handbag” when whichever one you have is never big enough.

Imagine having to find your keys in this model! The lifelike sculpture even has brass fasteners on the side for the straps. Unfortunately there was no ladder to climb up and see if it’s hollow inside. If you like the style, there are  real life mini and maxi Musubi models in calfskin leather for $1050 to $1550.

Acne Studios was introduced in 1966 as a creative collective in Stockholm, dedicated to graphic design, advertising and film. But when Acne cofounder Jonny Johansson released a wildly popular run of limited edition raw denim a year later, he saw an opportunity for expansion into ready to wear and accessory lines. Ever since, the company has staked a permanent claim in the fashion industry for its clothing with an artsy, out of the box perspective. The signature lineup includes boots, jeans and shearling coats.

Speaking of handbags, how about a Chanel handbag as a party favor? Not quite — a designer Chanel cookie was the favor at a good friend’s birthday party. Fun!


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