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Since lockdown I haven’t gone to a beauty salon, though some friends have gone to “rogue” salons.   Bottom line, my concern about the safety issue. With the opening of personal grooming services everywhere in the state, and our desperation with out of control hair, Mr. W and I decided to give it a try with our regular salon, Danny Jelaca salon in Miami Beach. Here’s a tale of our experience, and guidelines for staying safe at beauty salons and barber shops.

The first order of business, though, was to give them a call and find out if they were following the extensive safety protocols laid out by Miami Beach. We went down my checklist and my fears were somewhat abated , so off we went. Though salons were allowed to open last Wednesday, I figured I’d wait until Friday to let them get out any of the kinks.

Uber colorist David doing his thing safely

We arrived at our scheduled appointment time at 11 a.m. and there were no other clients. When we left there were fewer than 10 people, their maximum, or 25% capacity. We were told that if we arrived early, we’d have to wait outside.  We were given the option to have one of several private rooms, several with shampoo bowls, so there would be no need to sit in one of the line of chairs in the main salon for shampooing.  We chose the line, as we like airy, and were reassured by the enforced wide spacing that prohibits two people from sitting next to each other . For color and cuts, the chairs are also well spaced apart as part of the design, and this spacing was further increased.

social distancing at beauty salons, miamicurated
Private room with sink

Everyone, staff and visitors, all wore masks and only took them off to sip water. In the case of application of hair color where the hair dresser needed to get around the ears, the client held the mask to her face.

Steven cutting yours truly’s hair in one of the private rooms


Staff is checked for their temperatures daily and if not feeling well, they’re sent home and clients are called and rescheduled, or given the option to see other stylists. The staff also has been required to pass the COVID BARBICIDE certification so they’re aware of the rules. Coming up will be temperature checks for clients.

Private room

Gowns are only used once, and then washed and sanitized. Blow dryer and all hair tools are cleaned and sanitized after one use and the beautician has a second set to use in the meantime.

The verdict?  Mr W and I felt very comfortable and safe throughout our experience. The caveat, though, is that be sure to ask key questions before you go to a salon or other personal grooming service .


Here are the questions to ask for staying safe at beauty salons:

1.Is it mandatory for all staff and visitors to wear masks at all times while in the salon?

2.How many clients at a time will be in the salon and what % of capacity of the salon does this represent (should be no more than 25%)? Are walk ins accepted or is service by appointment only?

3.Is there spacing at treatment and hair washing areas?

4.Is all hair equipment sanitized after one use? Gowns used once?

5.Are there private rooms?

6. Do staff and clients get temperature checks?


If you’re confident of the answers, go for it! Heaven knows, we felt great with our new hair cuts.

Danny Jelaca Salon, 300 Alton Road, #100A (T.305-604-9696):

About the Salon: The Danny Jelaca Salon is a symphony in white – fresh, bright, contemporary, and with crystal chandeliers. Everyone is super nice, which one doesn’t always find in a glam salon whose owner caters to the likes of everyone from Paulina Rubio and Ivana Trump to Carlos Ponce and Cameron Diaz. There’s free parking reserved for the salon in a lot next door.

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  1. Great post!
    You answered all the questions I had in my head and then went on to answer some I hadn’t even thought of yet.

  2. Great! thanks for letting us know all of this! Not feeling quite comfy yet, but also feeling very uncomfortable with too-long hair and desperately needing color! Bets on what wins out.

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