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If you’re like me and find yourself spending time every day in workout clothes in this time of COVID-19, you’re probably tired of wearing the same clothes. Heaven knows I am. I checked out the “activewear” of the big chains and frankly found them boring as in neutral colors, few with patterns, no real design, plus no long tops. No excitement. So, off I went to the website of the Brazilian mother and daughter team who designs fitness fashion under the name of Equilibrium Activewear and from whom I bought before. Now I’m sporting a jazzy new outfit for my daily walk and zoom workouts.  Plus,  they’re offering a 30% discount for readers.

activewear miami, miamicurated

All of the clothes are designed and handmade in Brazil by the mother and daughter team – Tatyane and Jane Martins. First the designs – find tops with everything from lattice work and corset type tie ups to mesh insets and shoulder ties with a swagger.

Brazilian designed workout clothes, MiamiCurated

Leggings don’t just have the attractive abstract and animal prints, but laser cutouts, lace insets, flowers, and even a pocket.

miami activewear,miamicurated

Colors range from teal blue and Kelly green to purple, yellow, and a deep orange (besides the neutrals of course). (Note that you’ll see a lot more color on the website designs, the images just weren’t available at press time).

workout clothes miami, Miamicurated

There are also fitted jackets, colorful print shorts with matching top, saucy little skirts and blousy tops for over workout gear.

fitness fashion miami, miamicurated

It’s not just the designs that are special, but also, the fabric. It’s made of Supplex that’s super light and dries quickly, perfect for the Miami climate. Plus, it  has UV protection and doesn’t shrink or fade.

activewear miami, miamicurated

Decorative hardware is hypoallergenic.  You can see the quality in features like a double lined top which doesn’t necessitate wearing a sports bra.

Everything is top quality. Outfits I bought before have washed well and still look like new after several years. Tops start at $52 and leggings start at $82. Mention MiamiCurated and they’ll give you a 30% discount!

For more information, styles, and to shop at Equilibrium Activewear, click here.

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