You can be joining me for a sumptuous lunch or dinner with cocktails and wine, find out how!


It’s easy. Two contests, two prizes you’ll want to win! You have two weeks to enter.

The first is a drawing. All you need to do is send an idea/ topic you’d like to read about in a blogpost. It can be about food, fashion, culture, beauty, or wellness — a roundup idea, like weekend happy hours, place to hear live jazz, top museum exhibits to watch for this fall. (no single restaurants, museum exhibits, etc. please). When you send the idea (to, you will be entered in the drawing to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

The other prize:  you’ll join me for a complimentary lunch or dinner with a cocktail and wine when I go on assignment at one of Miami’s leading restaurants. You’ll have a chance to in effect, see how I work behind the scenes. The winner of this prize will be the person who has the most topics I decide to use for blogposts. And if the winner wants, I”m happy to mention his or her name.

Important note; the deadline for submission is August 31 so you have two weeks! Start your wheels turning!!!!


  1. 1.Best places for date night
    2.Best spots for a picnic
    3.Where to go for a night of dancing.
    4.Best places for local live entertainment.
    5.Miami scavenger hunt
    6.Indie fil theatres and playhouses
    7. Top independent art galleries

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