laptop tote bags, top tote bags, miamicurated

There are totes and totes. I found a top tote bag. Why top? It’s stylish, eminently practical, roomy, works for men and women and all kinds of uses, It’s light (weighs under a pound) and it costs under $100. Plus, it’s created right here in Miami.

top tote bags, laptop tote bags, miamicurated, thespian store

Peruvian born Maria Pia has an artful eye. You see the signs when you enter her apartment in the Four Seasons Residences with its handsome eclectic decor with everything from Chinese antiques to contemporary photography. She creates the totes as a way to indulge her creative passion since her real job is in a specialty of financial services teamed with psychology.

top tote bags, laptop tote bags, miamicurated, thespian store

But back to the totes. Maria Pia discovered neoprene, the fabric used for surfers clothes when she was a surfer. she liked the fact that it’s durable, waterproof and quick drying, and adopted it as the fabric for her totes. Colors are neutral, designed to go with a wide range of outfits.¬† Embroidery is possible too, though at an extra charge.

The totes are versatile, working  for boating, as diaper bags, for shopping, as a laptop tote, and for travel. There are snaps so you can make them smaller so they fit well in the overhead baggage compartment on planes.

top tote bags, laptop tote bags, miamicurated, thespian store

There’s even an all black model that looks like leather and works for business. And how can I forget the two models of two tone camouflage,my favorites.


And there’s more — inside there’s a small pouch with a strap that turns it into a shoulder bag or fanny pack.

The price of all this goodness? $80 for any model.

For more information go to or check out instagram, @thespianstore.


  1. Karen, thank you for this post. I had to buy the camouflaged one absolutely love it and can’t wait to get it.

    Keep the great ideas and foods spots coming I enjoy every newsletter.

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