My recent discovery, a must have gadget for COVID-19 safety that’s easy to use, light, and cheap. The scoop:

It’s a hands free door opener and elevator, ATM or touchscreen button all in one. You use the hook to grab the door handle and the button acts like your finger. I attached it to my existing key ring as it’s light. It comes in a number of colors and materials, mostly plastic or metal. You can get a package of three from Amazon Prime for $7.29 so give them to friends and family. ACE hardware was selling them but check as when I went there a few weeks ago they were sold out.

And speaking of helpful things to use during COVID, here’s a post I did on a must have accessory, a face mask chain for men, women and kids. Interesting note….at a recent fashion show I went to for Colombian swimwear the large, chunky chains were worn as a fashion accessory, though for eyeglasses. Watch for the upcoming swimwear photo gallery.

“Must Have” Fashion Accessory for Now

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