Fashion statements these days of Covid-19 are about designer athleisure and couture sneakers and maybe a luxury brand mask. How about fitness equipment? Would you believe 18 carat gold designer dumbbells?  You won’t want to miss this line of eye popping best home fitness equipment. And oh those prices! Then, there’s the option I chose for my cost conscious budget.


Voila. The Germany based Hock Design has 18 carat gold designer dumbbells. Here are the specs:

·  Exclusive, rare dumbbell pair made of real 18 carat gold and Grenadilla wood
·  Design object, investment and fitness accessory in one
·  Weights made of 1,000 grams (2.2 pounds) 18 carat real gold
·  Total 2.000 grams 18 carat real gold per pair = 1,500 grams (3.3 pounds) fine gold

The price tag? 107,000 Euros, approx. $116,000 US.


Across the board, for quality of materials and design, Hock earns the title of best home fitness equipment with style. They also sell sleek hand held weights called Robusto in 8 different colors ranging from red and ochre to anthracite with different color trim (start at $325 a set).

Stainless steel and polished and oiled walnut dumbbells come in two models, Loft and Diskus. Loft pictured here starts at 1 kilogram – 2.2 pounds ($575 a pair) and go up to 6 kg,-13+ pounds for $1160. There’s also a stand alone rack of solid walnut with stainless steel, six pair from 2 to 6 kg. Price? $7440.


To go with your weights, choose a high quality jump rope in two strap lengths that expands up to 150 percent ($375) and push up bars ($495) that can accommodate up to 100 kg (220 pounds) in body weight.

For more information and to order, click here: online.

Now, if you’re not in that financial league, feel it’s unseemly to spend that kind of money, or wouldn’t spend that much even if you had the money, do what I did. On Target I bought a pair of good hand weights for under $15 plus shipping.          .


Founded in 2009 by German concept designer, Kristof Hock, HOCK DESIGN offers a line of this best home fitness equipment with style and made of high quality materials. Drawing upon Kristof Hock’s experience in the fitness industry, and the skills of German artisans, leading designers, and engineers, HOCK DESIGN has created a full product line  of dumbbells,  jump ropes, toning weights and more.All products are crafted in Germany by artisans using the finest materials—sustainable wood, Grade 303 non-reactive stainless steel, and Italian leather.

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