mushroom kits for sale, miamicurated
Pink oyster mushrooms

Love mushrooms? How about gardening on your kitchen countertop? Looking for a fun gift for a friend who loves to cook or garden? FUNJ. Shrooming Company is a real find. An urban mushroom farm in Saint Albans , Vermont is now shipping its grow your own mushroom kits for sale. Think a harvest of several pounds of gourmet mushrooms in your own home. At the end the owner shares his tips on how to best saute mushrooms.

blue oyster mushrooms

FUNJ. Shrooming Company is the passion of Kevin Melman who has had a long love affair with all things fungi and food science, and the idea that fungi is part of the sustainability movement. Plus, he happens to be the future husband of my niece!. And if you have any doubts about the power of mushrooms, don’t miss the fascinating Netflix film Fantastic Fungi. It might even encourage you to become a mycophile (someone who  likes hunting for, cooking or eating mushrooms and other edible fungi).

mushroom kits for sale, miamicurated
Lion’s Mane mushrooms

But back to the mushrooms. The growing period for the mushrooms in the kit is about one to two weeks after starting up your kit.  The kits come with clear instructions on growing and harvesting, with the growing mix of course. All you have to do is make a slit into the kit’s growing media, spray it with fresh water every day, and the mushrooms practically grow by themselves!

On the website is also a recipe for a mushroom Vietnamese Pho soup. The mushroom kits for sale are priced $16 for a 5 pound kit (produces 1 to 3 lbs) to $28 for a jumbo sized 10 pound kit (produces 2 -4 lbs) with a few varieties to choose from including pink and blue oyster mushrooms and lion’s mane. Coming up next, a .5 ounce package of dried mixed oyster mushrooms (equivalent to 5 ounces fresh oyster mushrooms) which are priced at $4.50 . All prices are plus shipping.


Kevin Melman in the fruiting room Photo courtesy of Seven Days Vermont

If and when you make your way to Vermont, you can also pick up other mushroom varieties in season including phoenix oyster mushrooms. They’re sold at the farm and at markets throughout the state.

Want to read more about the mushroom farm and process? Here’s a link to an article in the Seven Days Vermont newspaper.

For more information and to order, click here.

Quick & Easy Guide for Sautéeing Mushrooms:

  1. Chop up mushroom into slices or chunks. Remove tough parts of stems. Smaller mushrooms can be cooked whole.

  2. Heat up pan on medium heat and add mushrooms to DRY pan. Salt lightly. Stir regularly to prevent sticking.

  3. Allow excess moisture to cook out of mushrooms (Some like to add a little water and simmer them for a few minutes. Make sure there is no more water in the pan before moving on to the next step!)

  4. As you see mushrooms begin to brown and crisp up, add butter (and add some fresh cracked pepper if you’d like).

  5. Continue to stir and allow the mushrooms to keep crisping for a few minutes. Once they’re browned to your liking, they’re ready to serve! Finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon if you’re into it!


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