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Eating, drinking, kitchen housewares and making food and beverage at home — news we can all use, and of course it’s in Miami, Part 2. For Part 1, click here.

Online Cooking and Mixology Classes from Miami’s Finest

Here’s your chance to have a free cooking class from Miami’s leading chefs and bartenders, from Julio Cabrera at Cafe la Trova and Diego Oka of La Mar at Gaston Acurio to Brad and Soraya Kilgore and Lorena Garcia.  Thank you Miami New Times for the list. Click here for the link.

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museum shops, enamel baking dish, MiamiCurated
Enamel swirl baking dish made in Turkey from the shop at the Museum of Modern Art

Shopping Site for High Design Housewares and Doing Good

With all your cooking and staying at home, realize you need some new housewares, but they need to be attractive design? Check out the shop of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. I found a fabulous expandable dish rack (out of stock now, but check back)Also, loved this enamel swirl baking dish. Plus, when you shop there, you’re helping the museum. Here’s the link.

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Miami caterers offering delivery, MiamiCurated
Three course dinner with sides from Thierry Isambert for $16 includes delivery

Leading Catering Company, Thierry Isambert Offering $16 Dinner, Free Delivery

Thierry Isambert, one of the best caterers in Miami,  has stepped into the fray, with a very appealing, well priced dinner offering. For $16 which includes delivery, you get to choose a salad, protein, starch, vegetable and dessert. For the menu for this coming week, click here.

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Indulgent Whipped Coffee All the Rage

Can’t or don’t want to make it to Starbucks? Here’s a deliciously decadent and easy to make coffee treat that’s all over the internet — whipped coffee. Here’s the yummy recipe courtesy of People magazine:

To make the whipped coffee, just add two tablespoons each of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water in a bowl, then whip the ingredients (using either your hand mixer or milk frother) until they become thick and foamy. Next, layer that foam on top of a half glass of milk or creamer, and voila, you’re done.

fish in parchment paper, MiamiCurated, mediterranean style fish
Flounder Mediterranean style baked in parchment paper

And a Recipe from Yours Truly

Lest you think I only eat out, I do cook from time to time, now more of course. And happy to share my favorite recipe that’s super low cal (if you use a flounder filet I estimate it’s under 200 calories per serving). The recipe is for Mediterranean fish en papillotte, made in parchment paper. It’s very easy and quick. BTW, I get the Orca frozen flounder filets from Costco. They’re handy to have in the freezer and inexpensive. Here’s the link to the recipe:

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  1. Childhood flash back!
    Whipping instant coffee with sugar was typically done on Sundays after dessert…when you were already bored of such long lunches.
    Thanks for the flounder recipe. I will try it.

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