Goldbelly review, miamicurated
Raoul’s au poivre burger


Going out on a limb here, but I had the best burger ever shipped to me from Goldbelly. Good foodie friends, Mr. W who is a serious burger guy, the New Yorker and Esquire magazines agree. Now it’s not one of these over the top burgers where everything is piled high and more is more. It’s a “refined” burger from Raoul’s in New York City. If you don’t know about Goldbelly, you’re seriously missing out on eating some of the best and most famous foods from chefs, small shops and restaurants across the USA. Here’s the scoop about the burger and my Goldbelly review.


Goldbelly review, MiamiCurated
Lumpmeat crabcakes from Jerry’s Seafood

Some of these specialties from Goldbelly range from pastrami (Langer’s in LA) and barbecue (Joe’s KC in Kansas City) to crab cakes (Jerry’s seafood in Maryland, described by the Washington Post as close to perfection as crab meat can get), bagels (H & H, New York) and Levee High Caramel pecan apple pie (Blue Owl bakery, Missouri). But first the burger.


Goldbelly review, MiamiCurated
Levee High Caramel pecan apple pie

The order from Raoul’s feeds four people so we decided that rather than go to a restaurant for lunch, we’d go to a friend’s apartment and enjoy the burgers. They come with buttery Challah buns topped with peppercorn crusted brisket blend patties, Saint Andre cheese, and  Cognac and cream-laden Au Poivre sauce.  Garnishing with thinly sliced red onion, watercress and cornichons (we substituted sweet gherkin pickles) are recommended and to that I say absolutely (these don’t come with the order so plan to get them in advance). The burger experience was totally memorable, a complex combo of delicious flavors. We all ate the whole thing (I was going to eat half but then went all the way).

Langer’s pastrami

We’re already plotting our next Goldbelly experience, leaning toward pastrami sandwiches from Langer’s in Los Angeles which has been described by many as the ones to beat, even overtaking those in New York City. The order of classic pastrami comes with coleslaw, Russian dressing, Swiss cheese and Jewish style rye bread.

Barbecue from Joe’s KC

Back to Goldbelly that describes themselves as a platform that empowers small shops, chefs & restaurants and inspires their passion. Interestingly enough, one of their big investors is Danny Meyer, restaurateur and founder of Shake Shack. He got hooked on the idea when someone sent him a six pack from Ted Drewes of their famous frozen custard which was a childhood treat from his home in St.Louis.


Ted Drewes frozen custard, a favorite of Danny Meyer of Shake Shack fame and also an investor

They feature foods in eight categories — sweets, bread and bagels, deli, pizza, meats, BBQ, seafood and sides. Besides the burger, in December I ordered a birthday cake from fave New York bakery Magnolia, and it was just as good as I remember when it was purchased and eaten the same day in the City.

Goldbelly review, Miamicurated
Magnolia cake

Besides one time orders, they also offer monthly subscriptions by category including including, cookies, pie, BBQ, pizza and the Best of Goldbelly.  It’s pricey, but comparable to eating in a restaurant (the burgers including shipping were $109 for four). The subscription or a gift certificate to Goldbelly would make a wonderful gift for a foodie. I’m letting the word out early!!!




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