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Mr. W and I have some fine, favorite shoes bought here and in our travels (and in my case a handbag too) that were in need of different kinds of restoration and repair. We’re talking everything from a gash in the front, serious black scuffing, and fading suede, to discoloration and changing well worn handles on a Louis Vuitton tote. To the rescue, a very impressive new high-end service that formerly was only available to the likes of luxury brands like Tom Ford, Ferragamo and Chanel. And not only that. Going way beyond shoe repair in Miami, they’ll make you a pair of custom sneakers, paint sneakers with your own design, protect your leather goods including the iconic soles of Louboutin shoes and more. Plus, now there’s a welcoming online promotion with a 50% discount off of services for first time clients.


sneaker restoration in miami, miamicurated

The company is called The Cobblers. They have brought together some of the best talent in leather craftsmanship, design and creativity in their 13,000 square-foot retail location and workshop to offer high-end repair, restoration, protection and custom design of leather goods. To give you an idea of their credentials, among the 40-person staff is Jim McFarland who has earned dozens of awards including the most coveted award in the industry, the Grand Silver Cup from the Shoe Service Institute of America (SSIA). The award has only been earned by approximately 20 people in the world since 1938. Then there’s another whose pedigree includes brands ranging from Saks Fifth Avenue, Christian Louboutin, and Tods, to Bruno Magli and Giorgio Armani.

shoe repair in miami, miamicurated

In their impressive workshop you see work stations of cobblers doing everything from painting shoes, repairing leather handbags, and cutting pieces of leather, to creating designs on designer totes and building new shoes. What I found particularly interesting was the exterior layer of white alligator, ostrich and python that was destined to be a collectible sneaker. In fact, two of the fastest growing parts of their business is creating limited edition designer sneakers with a luxury brand and restoring collectible sneakers for resale.

custom sneakers miami, miamicurated
Custom made ostrich, python and alligator sneaker

They make the sales process easy. You can bring in your leather goods and get an  evaluation of what needs to be done to your shoes and/or accessories — repair, restoration and/or protection — and get your complimentary assessment and price quote for the service(s) to be rendered. Or, do it all online at

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I suggest if at all possible you pay a visit to their flagship concept store and HQ in Miami’s Magic City Innovation District since seeing the operation is a fascinating treat.

The Cobblers HQ is located at 6300 NE 4th Ave, Miami  33138 and can be reached by phone at (786) 758-4418.


  1. This is terrific. I’m sending in a bag today. The chat was easy. All questions answered. Major find!!! Gracias Karen!!!

    1. Byblos, a fave, with Mediterranean food; Juvia on Lincoln Road; and if you like a stunning outdoor setting with your own cabana, MILA, right off of Lincoln Road. I’ve written about them all if you want to know more about the food. Check the archives.

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