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Today is the last day to RSVP for the exclusive fashion event for MiamiCurated readers on June 26 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. It’s at Camilla, a jewel of a boutique with statement fashion and accessories designed by this Australian designer. You’ll enjoy champagne, lots of eye candy and a very special gift of one of her clutch bags. Only a few spots are left so you need to reply ASAP!

A portion of the proceeds of the evening will go to the Chapman Partnership for the Homeless.  Afterwards, love to have you join me for a bite in one of the mall’s eateries.
About Camilla:

Founded fifteen years ago in Sydney’s Bondi Beach by designer and artist, Camilla Franks, CAMILLA has captured the imagination of the world with its vibrant and bespoke bohemian lifestyle offering. As a child, Camilla revelled in the boundless creativity and beach surroundings of Sydney. An artist at heart and with the soul of an actress, she started to create hand crafted pieces to wear between scenes – and from there the CAMILLA label was born. Encompassing her love of travel, Camilla began to follow her heart to far away cities and off the beaten path communities. There she immersed herself into the worlds of the unknown and unexpected to draw inspiration for her collections year-upon-year. Starting with a simple kaftan concept, the collection grew to the wide range of dresses, tops, lounging wear, swimwear and accessories as well as items of home decor that the label offers today.


    1. That’s tough. What you might do is go early and walk around the Mall. If you haven’t been there in awhile, you’ll be amazed at all the new shops. Another idea is if you like to shop at Costco, there’s one about 20 minutes away from the Mall.

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