Who said food can’t be fashionable? Fashion and food are an irresistible combo.  The oh so talented students from Miami International University of Art & Design  brought the irresistible Latin flair to The Setai Hotel in Miami Beach earlier this month as they unveiled a one-of-a-kind, high-couture collection of garments made exclusively using products from Goya Foods. Following several months of arduous work and ingenious designing, the aspiring designers used more than 20 cases of canned beans, 50 cans of juice and 100 packages of dried beans, rice and other grains to create the outfits for this eye popping fashion show. Be sure to click on the arrow in the main image gallery to see all the fashions.


Goya invited the students to submit design concepts for men’s and women’s wear, offering a $2,250 scholarship for the best creation. This challenge resulted in a stunning collection of 13 garments, which included a trendy high-waisted red dress “hand-beaned” with white beans, and an avant-garde male chain-link-like top made with more than 5,000 guava juice can pull-tabs.

The winning design, by Judith Cabrera, is a  figure-fitting floral evening gown made entirely of white, brown and black beans, lentils and split peas. Cabrera accentuated her dress with “Mar Pacifico” flowers (Hibiscus flowers), an homage to her native Cuba, where the flowers are prominent, and the source of her inspiration, which she sees as a representation of female beauty.

Miami International University of Art & Design fashion student, Judith Cabrera, received a $2,250 scholarship from Goya, as her design was selected the winner of the show.


The runway did not produce any food waste, as MIU and Goya donated all leftovers from the packaging and cans to two local charities, Sisters of Charity and Hope for the Homeless, to help feed the homeless and hungry individuals in need in Greater Miami.

And if you want to see more of the students’ work, check out the fashion show they did last year using packaging from McDonald’s. Amazing too!!! Click here.


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