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New Miami fashion and culture finds along with practical discoveries as in news you can use, all here in Finds for All Tastes this month.


Recently you would have found me In the new multi story Faena Bazaar, a combination of galleries, pop ups and stand alone shops. Not surprisingly since it’s Alan Faena, it’s about art, curation and luxury. I was on a mission, to check everything out and find a great low priced value. Happy day, I did. It’s C.Bonze, a studio that will embroidery anything you buy there or bring in from outside, including handbags (your Louis Vuitton tote perhaps?). At the studio they have camouflage jackets, jumpsuits, totes. There are also t shirts for babies which, when embroidered,  can make for a reasonably priced gift for a  baby shower ($30 for shirt and embroidery). At the Bazaar you’ll find 50 brands in beauty, home and fashion for men and women. Art, too.  It’s well worth a visit. Faena Bazaar, 3400 Collins Avenue.

faena bazaar shops, Miami boutiques, Miami fashion, Miamicurated, faena bazaar

What to do when you’re at a party on a lawn and you’re wearing high heels? Sink? How about if you’re walking on a wooden plank bridge with space between the planks? The only solution: walk on your toes, take off your shoes or get your heels caught. Wrong. Thanks to a friend, I now found a way. They’re called clear high heel protectors for shoes. They’re “stoppers”, like plastic tips that fit on the heel. They come in small, medium and large. They’re lightweight, cheap, and work. Each set comes in a colored mesh bag, the color indicating the size. Get them on Amazon.

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Shoe stoppers

You will be hooked when you try Fisherman’s Friend lozenges. My doctor found out about them from an opera singer. They’re sold over the counter, they’re cheap, and provide several hours relief for rough, scratchy throats . I had the original lozenges that are eucaltypus and menthol, but there are eight other flavors.

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A new art museum well worth a visit,  the George Daniell Museum, features the collection of prominent American photographer and artist George Daniell, who worked for Time, Life and Esquire Magazines. His work has been seen in prominent museums from New York’s Museum of Modern Art to the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. The American born artist lived in Europe and captured the images of many celebrities (Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Lena Horne, Georgia O’Keefe, etc), as well as some of the post-war hardship of everyday life in parts of Europe.

George Daniell museum, miami museums, miami photography museum, miamicurated
Audrey Hepburn by George Daniell


The photography, in black and white, shows an impressive sense of composition, observation, and story telling. The museum also has a pop up shop with beautifully presented oversize books with signed prints in editions of five for $2900. The opening of the George Daniell Museum is the first step in the development of the space as a future multi-museum building.  In the Wilzig Museum Building,  at 1205 Washington Avenue, it also hosts the World Erotic Art Museum and Kinsey Museum of the sex researcher.


EAST, Miami hotel in partnership with Istituto Marangoni is debuting a sustainable fashion installation highlighting four eco-friendly looks created entirely out of recycled materials from the hotel, ranging from bed sheets to laundry bags to toiletry kits. Inspired by EAST, Miami’s Asian roots, the sustainably-powered pieces will be on display in the hotel’s lobby throughout the month of April.EAST, Miami, 788 Brickell Plaza.


“48 Genius Things on Amazon Every Woman Needs” (things men will be interested in too). It’s must reading that a dear friend and reader sent me. You won’t need all 48, but there will definitely be things you didn’t know existed and are happy to know they exist! Click here.





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