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With all of this rain we’re having getting a tan is a challenge. Plus, with ocean temperatures more comfortable for us locals, and with that, more beach days, thoughts turn to looking good in our bathing suits  and  a full body spray tan. Having seen too many people with the “orange” look, I talked to Fabiola Trujillo of Sobe Tan, one of the top tanning salons Miami and a celebrity favorite, for a list of everything you’d want to know about getting a great spray tan.


Do you need to prepare for a spray tan and if so, how?

Absolutely. To avoid a spotty, speckled tan, scrub yourself all over with a washcloth the day before and don’t use any moisturizers or oil-based products on the skin. Oil can leave a residue making for an uneven tan. Also, no shaving or waxing the same day of your appointment. Bring loose clothing and sandals to wear.


What should you look for when choosing a tanning salon?

Experience of the practitioner counts for a lot, a minimum of two years. Look at consumer reviews on Yelp and others. Good extraction systems are important too, as you want to make sure you are inhaling a minimum amount of spray.


When is it time to repeat the spray tan?

Go when you’re sure the old tan is gone. You can help your skin exfoliate to remove an old tan. The best way is to take a nice hot bath so your skin gets very moist. Then, grab a washcloth and scrub all over. After 10 days the tan should come off very easily if it is not gone already. That will ensure when you go again, the application will be even.


Do you use the same product on the face and body?

Yes. All my products are Paraben free and gluten free, so they’re safe for all of the body.


How does sunblock interact with a tanning product?

There’s no problem in using both together, just that you need to wait before applying sunblock until the product sets, at least two hours, depending on how deep a tan you want. But absolutely use sunblock after the product is set, as most tanning products don’t have SPF.  Plan on not being in the sun the same day that you had your spray tan as a tan needs time to set. Figure on having it done the day before you plan to be in the sun.


Are there different colors or intensity of a spray tan?

The same kind of product is used in all cases. What varies is the amount of product used, and the length of time it sets. Applications are light, medium and dark.  They all call for two coats of product. Light usually calls for less time developing on the skin, so instead of six hours, you can shower as quickly as two or three hours after the application. With medium, the tan needs to set for a minimum of six hours. For dark, it’s best left to sit overnight.


Why do people get the orange look?

This comes from using a low quality product and/or too much product.


How long does a spray tan last?

Moisturizing is key. The better you are at it, the longer your tan will last. Also, try to avoid having your skin wet for too long, such as long stays in the swimming pool or ocean. Typically, the tan lasts 5 to 7 days. You can use an oil based moisturizer as long as it is natural and organic without parabens. Coconut oil is a good choice.


Does spray tan stain?

Spray tan bronzer washes out of clothes with soap and water. The only exception is silk and leather. If you’re planning to wear either of those, we have a clear solution that only develops into a tan 24 hours later.


About Sobe Tan:

Dermatologist recommended SobeTan owner, aesthetician, (and spray tan artist) Fabiola Trujillo uses an eco-certified, vegan, cruelty and paraben free tanning formula. She has sprayed thousands of clients since 2000. Fabiola’s celebrity clientele includes Matt Damon, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Dan Marino, Patti Stanger, Brooklyn Decker and The Real Housewives of Miami among others. Sobe Tan is located at 1220 20th St. Miami Beach, FL 33139. For more information,  visit www.sobetan.com. Appointments can be made by calling 305.532.0221.

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