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Maca asked 2 years ago

Karen i am planing a trip to Italy next month and I want your recommendation. I want to visit some towns that are not main turist destinations. I will be arriving to Milan and renting a car. Wiould the Italian Riviera be a good option in March? Thanks Maca

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Karen Escalera Staff answered 2 years ago

I recommend a visit to Bologna, an epicurean center of Italy. We did a day trip with a tour operator we found on TripAdvisor that took us to a producer of Parmigiano, balsamico de modena and prosciutto. It was great fun (and not expensive) and we were with a fun group. Another good trip is to PietraSanta and a stay at Lemons Guesthouse.  When you reserve feel free to use my name as she became a friend. The village is a serious art center and also has some terrific emerging fashion designers. Other suggestions are Cinqueterre and the Lake Region though not sure they won’t be cold in March since they’re on the water. Hope this helps.

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