Margo Hofeldt asked 2 years ago

Hi, Karen – Please send me information in regard to the things to see and do in St. Petersburg Russia including where to eat and how to get around.  I very much appreciate your help.  Thank you.  Margo Hofeldt  

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Karen Escalera Staff answered 2 years ago

The top places to visit are the Winter Palace, Hermitage Museum, Peterhof (palace of Peter the Great with beautiful grounds), and Faberge Museum.Peterhof is outside of the center of the city and it’s about an hour’s drive depending on traffic so plan accordingly. My best meals were at the Four Seasons’Italian restaurant (check out my blogpost on Russia that’s appearing tomorrow with a picture of the fab pasta dish) and a Georgian restaurant (loved it and it’s cheap) called ChaCha. It’s around the corner from the Belmond Grand Europe hotel. The Belmond is a good place for a drink (have a drink there and then go to ChaCha) and while you’re there, have a look at the  dining room with its stained glass ceiling. While you’re in the neighborhood of the Belmond, a few blocks walk away is the premier gourmet store in the city. Enjoy!

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