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Susan Kelley asked 3 years ago

Karen, I need your recommendations for a restaurant downtown/midtown. I have \\\\\\\’foodies\\\\\\\” visiting from Connecticut. we have not been to new spots and it appears you have been EVERYWHERE! thanks in advance. Susan  

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Karen Escalera Staff answered 3 years ago

I really don’t think there are any serious foodie worthy restaurants in downtown or midtown though there are some solid, very good choices. There’s a funky, fun and very small place downtown called Bali  where the Indonesidan food is very tasty, cheap, and good, though it’s not a place to linger. I haven’t been to Zest which is from Cindy Huston who built her reputation at Ortanique. I’ve heard good things about it, and don’t think you can go wrong with her cooking.
In Midtown, the best continues to be Sugarcane. I also like Riviera Focacceria, an Italian restaurant that is good, honest cooking, and always Italians around, which says something about its authenticity.

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