Ingredients that made all the different in our wok cooking — dried mushrooms, baby bok choy and black sesame seeds — found at P.K. Oriental Mart


This month’s Eating News brings news of the annual foodie tropical brunch of Les Dames d’Escoffier on April 30; a new find for take out Chinese style roast duck, Asian groceries Miami, and super delish fried dumplings; and an update on the three story Italian food hall due to open in Brickell City Centre.


April 30 will be the annual Tropical Brunch of leading culinary society, Les Dames d’Escoffier. Previously always held in Miami Beach, this year they’re making it easier for  you “southerners” who live in Pinecrest and even Coral Gables. The brunch will be held in Pinecrest Gardens. And a new twist, guests are invited to bring their dogs who will enjoy VIP treatment.

Celebrity restaurants, caterers, pastry artists and celebrity chefs will offer up their specialties  and an exciting raffle.  Culinary students will host their famous omelet stations, one of 15 food stations in all.  And no one will be thirsty thanks to a Mimosa, sangria and Bloody Mary bar and a Cognac aperitif. Then there’s a raffle with much coveted prizes including spa treatments, dining cetificates, gift baskets, wine and other. Enjoy the music of Mario Gibson top Sobe DJ and relax in the beautiful, lush gardens. The brunch is worthy of foodies, and it’s all for a good cause — educational and scholarship programs.

Here are the particulars:

Place: Pinecrest Gardens, 11000 South Red Road, Pinecrest

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Ticket Price: $50 for adults; $25 for young adults 10 to 16; and kids under 10 are free. Dogs are $5 (Gardens fee)

To order tickets click here.

asian groceries miami

White ceramic dishes, bowls and long, slender serving plates, a deal, from P.K. Oriental Mart


If you like Chinese style roast duck and fried dumplings, read on. In a trip up to PK Oriental Mart, 255 N.E. 167th Street,  to stock up on  everything from dried mushrooms and baby bok choy to black sesame seeds for wok cooking, I discovered they sell roast duck on the weekends. Major. And would you believe, an entire duck is $20! They also have some very good deals on handsome, long white ceramic serving plates (around $10) and white scalloped edged bowls (about $5) and all manner of Asian groceries and cooking items. Then, duck in hand, walk to the end of the small strip mall to Dumpling King, 237 N.E.167th Street, and take out fried dumplings (vegetable, chicken, and a combo of pork, chives and shrimp). When you get the dumplings home, put them in the broiler for a few minutes and they taste like they were made on the spot. (Thanks to our wok cooking teacher, the Wok Star,  for the wok skills and the tip about the dumplings).

Brickell city centre food court

La Centrale Italian food hall scheduled to open this fall at Brickell City Centre


Unlike anything else in Miami will be the three story Italian food hall, La Centrale in Brickell City Centre.  More details are out on this much anticipated foodie destination, now said to be 38,000 square feet complete with Italian inspired restaurants and cafes, an enoteca, culinary school and retail space featuring fare from 20 regions throughout Italy. The first floor will be an eatery with a “communal dining experience” along with fresh brewed espresso, breads, house made pastas and other Italian staples. Second floor will bring restaurants for lunch and dinner, an Apulian inspired indoor garden and gelateria. Third floor focuses on a culinary school, foodie events and programs. Actually, it sounds like Eataly in Milan, but I believe there’s no relation in the owners. Scheduled opening is this fall.



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