mc 3 star hotel experienceHow to create a 5-star experience while staying in a 3-star hotel or resort? Whether because we’re watching our budget or there are no other options where we’re going, we all probably stay in a 3-star hotel at some point. This was my challenge over Thanksgiving, prompting this post. Here are tips from my travels and also from other bloggers in the travel industry (click on their name to see their blog). And you’ll notice, most are low cost no cost, even better.

  • Bring a bath size bar of luxury soap. If it’s fragrant, even better, as it will perfume your luggage.
  • Take a cashmere airplane blanket.A favorite is the one at Restoration Hardware. You can use it on the plane, in your hotel room if there’s a chill, and it can even double as a shawl.
  • Good lights for bedside reading are often a challenge. There are a number of terrific options now. Check out this list from Jamie Pearson.
  • A tropical climate can mean musty odor, especially if the guest room has carpet. To the rescue, a travel scented candle says Annette White  and it also adds ambiance. Concerned about the possibility of fire? Irene Levine says to bring your favorite room fragrance and spray liberally.
  • Make your own luxury mini-spa kit complete with your favorite aromatherapy oils, body scrubs, candle, lighter and lotion advises Anna Ignacio
  • And to feel especially luxurious, bring a split of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries suggested Laurel Robbins. Five star all the way!
  • My latest tip, bring a portable espresso machine such as Handpresso (see post from yesterday).


  1. Great advice!

    I’ve been carrying my own soap for years, but the idea of a whole spa kit is delicious. As is the champagne and chocolates…

    Although this is not a 5 star upgrade, I always carry an extra hair clip to hold the blackout curtains in place. That way there is no annoying ray of sunlight in my eyes…

  2. 3 star hotel rooms are usually noisier. We always travel with some way to generate white noise. There are some free smart phone white noise apps where you can pick from a number of white noise sounds although I’d skip the crackling fire one in a hotel. At home, the white noise thunderstorm freaks out the dog.

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