Villa Azur

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is where can I eat well that’s not noisy? It seems that restaurants get noisier by the day.Why? Could it be that it’s Miami’s love of a party scene with dining complete with DJ’s? I asked two “foodie” gurus for their opinion on the “why”. And then I listed my “go to” places for good food and conversation,  ending with what to do if your heart is set on a restaurant you know will be noisy, but you really want to check it out.

quiet restaurants miami, miamicurated

Shrimp tempura at Dragonfly

First the “why”. Evan Benn, well respected former food and beverage editor of the Miami Herald and now editor of their luxury lifestyle magazine Indulge, says it’s a symptom of restaurant design which trends toward hard surfaces and industrial chic settings. Terry Zarikian who has been a major player in Miami’s restaurant scene for 30 years, with the South Beach (and more recently NYC) Wine and Food Festivals and China Grill Management, concurs. He explained that noise is best controlled with a décor with sound absorbing window treatments, upholstered chairs, and ceilings with surfaces that are  porous and absorb sound, and rugs.  He also advises that “usually restaurants that are known to have a clear focus on food and less on the “vibe” created by music and dj’s” are better bets.

quiet restaurants miami, miamicurated

Caviar Russe


And now to my list.

quiet restaurants miami, miamicurated

Fried artichoke salad at Byblos

Note that there’s an asterisk next to the restaurants I’ve reviewed if you want to know more.


quiet restaurants miami

Il Gabbiano



Villa Azur (courtyard)*

Seaspice (outside)*

Le Sireneuse



Pied a Terre*

Lobster Bar Sea Grill*

Red, the Steakhouse*


Via Emilia 9*

Le Zoo




Db bistro*

Il Gabbiano

Capital Grill

Caviar Russe*

Toscano Divino (outside)*

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse*

Zuma (outdoors)*



Il Mulino*




Mandolin Bistro



Le Palme d’Or

La Dorada*

Ortanique on the Mile




What about a restaurant that you can imagine will be noisy but really want to check it out?  Benn suggest eating at the bar or a high top table where you’re sitting closer  together. Zarikian recommends sitting in an outside terrace or courtyard or eat on the early side, 7ish to avoid being at the restaurant by 9:30. And then there’s always lunch.

Love to hear your feedback. Any additions to the list? Any of these places been very noisy when you’ve been there?




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