Note to readers: I went to Mixtura in Miami Beach in November, 2013 and found the ceviches consistently excellent and good size portions.

When I hear there’s a new restaurant opening in Coral Gables, it makes my day (an exaggeration, but you get the picture). Especially good news was that the restaurant, Mixtura, was a second outpost of one that a good friend gave high marks to and was well reviewed by the Miami Herald. Mixtura occupies the spot that was home to another Peruvian eatery, La Cofradia, at 160 Andalucia Avenue. The original one is at 7118 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach.  It’s participating in Miami Spice, so off I went to sample the fare for lunch. Starter was Ceviche Chipotle which was outstanding. The fish was super fresh, perfectly seasoned with lime juice, onions and cilantro and garnished with cancha corn (corn nuts), choclo (plump kernels of corn) and a dollop of chipotle (chili) mayonnaise on the side of the bowl, a colorful flourish. Next up was Aji de Gallina Raviolon, chicken in a creamy sauce thickened with walnuts, Parmesan cheese, white bread and heavy cream. Mildly spicy yellow pepper gives it a saffron like color. Don’t expect something akin to the Italian ravioli. This is much thicker and richer, and delicious.  I also had the Mediterranean salad which I hope to duplicate at home. A salad made special with sundried tomatoes, black olives, caramelized onions, avocado, spring mix and mushrooms and a mustard vinaigrette with honey dressing. Another dish that’s on tap for next time was the Pescado del Norte, grilled mahi mahi in a cilantro sauce served with yucca puree with bacon, garlic and asparagus.  Dessert was passion fruit sorbet, a perfect counterpoint to the rich chicken dish. Mixtura kept the décor of Cofradia  with its neutral palate, contemporary classic furniture and flattering lighting.  Authentic cuisine, very good quality, in a stylish setting, makes for a great choice for lunch or dinner. Here’s hoping it meets a better fate than La Cofradia.

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