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La Dorada Miami, 177 Giralda Avenue (t.305-446-2002) always a favorite of mine (in fact, gave a birthday party there), fell off my radar screen. I’ve loved their fish baked in salt or just grilled, flown in fresh from Spain daily. The service has always been friendly and very professional thanks to the Maitre d’, Domingo. With all of the new restaurants in Miami, and their lack of promotion (a pity), one just doesn’t think of it. Plus, with their prices, it wasn’t a place you’d go to for a casual last minute lunch. Until now. A good friend suggested we go there for their executive lunch special, $21.95 for three courses, so I checked it out. It’s a terrific deal. For a first choice I had a spinach salad with blue cheese and tomato. My friends opted for the shrimp salad with avocado. My main course was dorado (mahi mahi), served with slices of roasted potatoes and vegetables. We all agreed that everything was super fresh and delicious. For dessert we opted for the puff pastry with strawberries and cream. Accompanying the meal was a glass of Albarino (a lovely white wine from Galicia). The restaurant itself is attractive, spacious and great for holding conversations (the table next to you can’t hear your conversation), and the service continues to be excellent. Do give it a try.

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