Looking for a totally different eating experience? Like super tasty and fun? Try a rijsttafel. And Indomania , 131 26th street (right off of Collins Avenue), (t.305-535-6332) is the place.

A rijstaffel which means “rice table” in Dutch is a self contained meal with small plates, here as many as 17, which can include seafood, meats, chicken, vegetables, fruit, pickles and nuts. Just about every taste sensation and texture are represented — sweet, salty, spicy, chewy, crispy, on and on.Although the dishes served come from Indonesia, with its multi-cultural influences, its origins are colonial, created by the Dutch to provide guests with a wide array of dishes at a single setting and to impress them with the exotic abundance of their colony. Indomania offers a choice of vegetarian, seafood, pork and beef varieties. Some of the dishes you may find depending on which version you choose include:

  • Terong Bali – spicy eggplant stew
  • ikan bumbu bali – fried fish with tomato ginger sauce
  • serundeng – fried coconut and peanuts
  • babi kecap – pork in ginger, vinegar and sweet soy sauce
  • sambal g buncis – crispy spiced string beans
  • sambal gudang – shrimps with peteh beans in coconut milk
  • acar ketimoen – pickles, cucumber and carrots
  • sambal uleg – spicy sauce
  • rujak manis – Indonesian fruit salad
  • semur jawa – slow cooked beef in kecap sauce
  • fricadel jagung – corncake with chili lime sauce

At Indomania, there are the larger rijsttafel dishes served for two, and smaller versions of 8 dishes for one. In addition, there are a selection of Indonesian entrees based on fried rice and noodles, a catch of the day wrapped in banana leaf, and marinated grilled lampchops that looked very enticing as did the selection of appetizers, including a chicken soup that’s on my list for next time. The restaurant is small, just 14 tables, with an appealing bar. Peter the owner is a true host, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and comfortable, and even pours the wine (which is honestly priced). His wife is the chef. The large rijsttafel is priced from $26 to $30 per person; the smaller one is $18 or $20. This is a delightful, honest place that’s expecially fun to go to in a small group and share dishes.

Plus, they now offer lunch and some great specials with your choice of protein and side dishes to order a la carte.

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