Get fresh fruit and produce delivered direct to your door (no outside pickups required) with new purveyor Hungry Harvest. The point of difference is that it’s “rescued” produce that would otherwise not be eaten because the farmer or wholesaler over planted or overbought, or because of minor cosmetic flaws. They’re offering readers $10 off too on signup.


Would you believe that 40% of fresh produce goes uneaten in the US.  Hungry Harvest buys it for less and passes on the savings of 20% to customers, a winning new business concept from Shark Tank . You can choose all veggie, all fruit, or organic produce. The produce is local, wherever possible.  It’s a subscription model, but you can opt for delivery weekly or every other week, skip a week,  and cancel when you want. Customization is possible too. First, when you signup you let them know what you don’t want to get (up to 6 items) and your faves. Then, every week you can find out what’s coming in advance.   I tried out the mini harvest with happy result . The delivery arrived as promised, and included a solid variety, quality along with good value.


The box included corn, bell peppers, a white onion, a bag of kale, head of cauliflower, large eggplant, red bartlett pears , nectarines, and an avocado. Everything was fresh and lasted as promised – for up to a week. To be sure,  I tried a second delivery. This time brought yellow acorn squash, red potatoes, cherry tomatoes, organic romaine lettuce hearts, bell peppers, Japanese cucumbers, granny smith apples  and oranges. Everything got a thumbs up.  Weekly produce delivery starts at $17 for a mini harvest for 1-2 people. Free delivery is offered for orders over $19.99. Otherwise it’s a reasonable $1.99. You pay after delivery.  It’s offered in Miami now with plans to expand to Palm Beach in the near future.

 If you’d like to signup, they’re offering readers $10 off when you sign up. Just use the promo code: MiamiCurated.

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