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Eating News May, Part 2 brings a top spot for ice cream just in time for summer, a lobster salad that’s healthy, low cal and delicious from Lukes Lobster Miami, Nespresso’s decaf lungo,  and home made tomato sauces that will spruce up any protein or pasta dish. For Part 1 click here:

JetBlue lead me to some of the best ice cream I’ve had in Miami (gelato is a separate category). Would you believe it? The ice cream purveyor for South Florida flights, Frieze, has been in Miami Beach for 30 years ( shame on me for not finding it earlier)!They’re serving the ice cream — two flavors — on board in their premium class  departing from Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood airport. The banana rama flavor tastes like a frozen banana covered in chocolate — super banana flavor, chocolate syrup, and chocolate flakes. Then there’s Indian mango sorbet.

And if you fly out of Boston, Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco, you’ll sample the rich treat from artisanal purveyors in each of those cities (and a chance to try their iconic flavors). Sample flavors include blueberry ice cream (Brooklyn), dirty mint ice cream (LA), dulce de leche (San Francisco) and the B3 — (brown butter, brown sugar and brownie) in Boston. Always creative and innovating, JetBlue is offering the ice cream as part of what it calls its Mint experience including the longest fully-flat bed seating in the U.S. domestic premium market , fully enclosed private suites, and a 15-inch flat screen with complimentary entertainment. And BTW, recently read that American Airlines’ new aircraft will have even smaller seats in economy, like those of Spirit and Frontier. Ugh.

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Wild Blue Salad with lobster bisque

Now there’s  another reason to go to  Luke’s Lobster Shack in Brickell City Centre besides the scrumptious lobster roll (see my earlier review). It’s their new seasonal Wild Blue Salad with lobster tail in the shell, wild Maine blueberries, roasted sunflower seeds, red cabbage and white beans on a bed of arugula. Team it up with one of their craft beverages like Luke’s very own blueberry lemonade with Maine honey, or Maine root beer and you have a perfect, light summer meal. As with everything else here — from the cole slaw to the lobster bisque — ingredients are super fresh and top quality. In fact, they’re so proud of their purveyors they list them on the wall. We also tried new item Derek the Fireman’s lemon tart. It was the right combo of tartness and sweetness, just wish it had the meringue on top. The place is very popular and small (15 seats), so I suggest you come at off hours. We went at 2:30 which was perfect — no wait and plenty of room to sit down. Prices are fair given the quality. The lobster roll is $17; the salad is $15; craft beverages are $3. With the rolls you can add 2 sides such as cape cold chips, side salad or poppy seed slaw or one side to the seasonal offering plus beverage for $4 more. There’s also a vegetarian option to the wild blue salad (without the lobster) for $10.

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Missing Nespresso’s decaf lungo capsules? (in case you didn’t know, they discontinued them and replaced them with ristretto (10) and arpeggio (9) decaf). Thanks to a tip from my good friend Judith, I found out you can get them on eBay until supplies last. She also said eBay is a source for other discontinued items like perfumes, cosmetics.

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