Foodie crime had to come, and come it did as in a stolen recipe. What for? The latest craze in San Francisco, described by a New York Times reporter as a “food-crazy city where every consumer is a Yelp critic”. The recipe was for the cruffin, a cross between a muffin and a croissant. You could say it’s the West Coast’s answer to New York’s cronut (croissant and donut hybrid). The ice cream cone shaped cruffin is made by Mr.Holmes Bakehouse and is said to take three days to make. Fillings can include caramel, strawberry milkshake or Fluffernutter cream. The cost? $4.50.


And more about the crime — someone entered the bakery and stole all of Australian chef Ry Stephen’s recipes and nothing more. He doesn’t think it’s an inside job but the crime remains unsolved. Maybe he should give advertise a reward for apprehending the thief — cruffins for life?

Regrettably I haven’t had one.  Have you? Guess it’s time to plan a trip to San Francisco. Or  Miami, what’s your answer to the cruffin and cronut?

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